Yes, ladies and gentleman, I think I am becoming a smarter dater!

After oh, 12 prospects (give or take…only two of which actually moved into longer-ish term dating status – brainy blonde and CBE) and 7 months into this foray into dating, I think I am finally becoming a smarter dater (thanks to BDFF for uttering those words yesterday morning, as it totally sparked this post idea!).

*pats self on back*

When I look back at my “man audit” – I can strikethrough at least half of them that I probably wouldn’t have even bothered with, one of which being the Russian. I look back at that now, and while I probably would have gone on 1-2 dates with him, I don’t think I would have gone beyond that, because, while there was some chemistry, we had virtually nothing in common, and the conversation was pretty lackluster, now that I think back (sort of like my date last night!). But, on the other hand, each of these dating experiences, one-date wonders and non-starters teaches me something new, so I still don’t really regret any of them, I just look back at them and think that now, I would have gone about it a little bit differently.

So what does this mean for my future dating prospects?

Maybe I’ll be a little more picky? Or maybe picky isn’t quite the right word, but discerning, perhaps? Because, while I am focused on my must-have’s and/or make-or-break’s, I also don’t want to be too close-minded either. But, I suppose there is a fine line to walk, no matter what, in the whole dating thing – and that balance comes in time, or at least it has for me, in terms of refining what I want since, at the beginning of this dating foray, I had no clue what I really wanted, to be honest. At least not a concrete list of things.

What do you think? Is there “such a thing” as smart dating? Or, do we just becoming smarter and/or more confident in what we’re going after? Or, maybe I’m just overthinking the whole thing? That wouldn’t be like me at all, now would it? 😉


On a side note – check me out – Bloggers in Sin City…here…we…come!! Less than a month, who’s excited?!


And, on another side note – my sister is having a girl!!! I am SO excited. It’s funny because I knew she would be calling me and my sister Jess in the afternoon, once she found out, and suddenly, I just KNEW she was going to have a girl, without a doubt. I wonder if it was when she was having her ultrasound…sister intution at work 😉 Game on Jess – auntie throwdown continues!!