It’s a gorgeous Saturday here in New England – super summer-like weather, and my “not as classy as the last bar crawl” bar crawl is set to begin in less than 5 hours! I’m a happy camper, I must say.

…even though my date with boy #2 was well, good, but not great. Now, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, because I do see some potential, but I think it will take one more date to see if it will go beyond that, or not. With that caveat in place, here’s a quick recap:

We met up for drinks/apps last night, and for some reason, I was super duper nervous, more than I normally am on a first date (partially wondering if that is because of the dud date on Monday!) but I shook it off when he arrived. I was comfortable, he was pretty good looking, for the most part – I would say average. Nice eyes, fit, good smile. We had a great time, got to know each other some more, talked about what our initial impressions were of each other, past dating experiences and relationships (he was engaged about three years ago, but never married), laughed and it felt comfortable. As for chemistry, I think there might be some there, but I’m sort of on the fence about it – and that’s partially why I call the date “good, but not great” because I couldn’t quite determine what I felt for him, if anything, and why I think it is definitely worth a second date (which he asked if I wanted to, at the end of the date, with a quick hug, nothing fancy!).

So, that’s the date, in a nutshell, not a heck of a lot to “write home about,” but definitely a good time and not a bad date either, so we’ll see <— my motto!

And now, I’m just super excited to see what the rest of the weekend has in store including aforementioned bar crawl (we’re calling it the “not as classy” crawl as it’s a part two to the “high class” bar crawl we did for our 30th birthday last October). Have a fab Saturday everyone!!