I used to think there was only one person – one “just right” fit – for us out there in this world.

But now that I’m divorced, I wonder if that’s really true, or if it’s a fantastical idea, an idealist point of view.

And then I wonder if I’m just being pessimistic. Or jaded just because for me that “one person” didn’t end up working out in “forever” terms.

And then I realize that it’s not black and white, and it is truly a case-by-case for everyone. For some, there may be just one person out there, and for me, I guess I just need to realize that for me, there may be a few in-betweens before I find that “just right” fit and I think right now, I am okay with that. I feel good, I don’t feel anxiety or stress or worry, I feel pretty calm, knowing that he’s out there, and I’ll find him (if it’s the last thing I do…just kidding!), or he’ll find me…

My “just right” fit wasn‘t my ex-husband – as hard as that may be for some to realize who may be grappling with this very idea, that whomever they were married to and are now divorced from or divorcing, are not the one they’ll be with forever – for me, I have come to terms with that, and came to terms with that quite awhile ago. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve moved beyond the feelings stage for the state of my marriage and divorce and it’s just a memory of a part of my life that is no longer, and sometimes I think that “empty” feeling is closure, and not a negative thing.

It’s helped me move on.

It’s helped me embrace dating.

It’s helped me move onward and look forward to the man that will blow my marriage out of the water in terms of what it will offer…I know he’s out there, and I will be patient, and I will re-read this post when I’m feel anxious, down or overthinking.

And beyond that, to those of you grappling with this very idea…I think it’s completely normal to believe that there is not one person for us out there…at least not all of us, and the “right” one will come along, when they’re supposed to.