Side note: Muuuuch better day today. A handful of meetings and brainstorms and such, but nowhere near the level of the last two days. I came into and ended this day on a much better note, mentally and emotionally. Guess sometimes you just have down days that are tough to pull out of once you’re nosediving, eh?


Bloggers in Sin City is in just about a week (starts next Thursday, but I’ll be there on Wednesday evening after a two-day trip to San Jose for work) and it struck me – what do I want to do while I’m there? Beyond the activities (which sound stupendously awesome – I’ve listed some of the agenda below, so you can take a peek at the shenanigans to ensue!) and the getting to know everyone, what else do I want to do?

Let’s list them, shall we?

  1. Jump in a water fountain. Yup, that’s right. I want to do it (especially after reading this blog post that TOTALLY made me super excited to go!)
  2. Shop. More specifically, buy a nice designer purse. I’ve never had one. Ever. I think at 30, I deserve a nice, designer purse, don’t you (side note: I think every woman needs a cute designer purse and a pair of jeans that makes your butt look like a masterpiece, just sayin)? I’m thinking Kate Spade…
  3. Flirt with boys. Sure, why not, right? I’ve never been very good at that, though, in a public setting, that’s not a set-up or a date or something. Not really sure why, but I’m not, so why not see if I can do it?! 😉
  4. Sightsee. I’ve been to Vegas before but have only seen the casinos, the clubs and the pool. I want to check out some sights…the M&M factory for God’s sakes – come on, that sounds fun, right?
  5. Go see a Cirque de Soleil show – FINALLY!! I think this is in the cards, and if it’s not, I’m going to make sure it is because I’ve never seen a show and I’ve always wanted to.

What else? The possibilities are endless, aren’t they? I mean, sure it’s “just” Vegas and there isn’t truly a ton to do there as compared to other locales perhaps, but I ask you – blog friends and IRL friends – what would you suggest I do while in Vegas?! Yes, this is sort of a contest or poll of sorts…leave me a comment, weigh in, let me know – what should I do in Vegas?!



And the agenda – check out some of these fun activities!

For the “I Just Came from a Theme Party” Bar Crawl? Mel, Shannon and I (and others we’re going with, Erika, Quarter-Life Lady etc) are going to be coming from an offensive t-shirt party! I’ve ordered my shirt – “good girls just don’t get caught.” Okay, so that’s not quite offensive but for this puppies and rainbows chica, that’s offensive enough (or as Snark switches it up to – ‘muffins and bunnies!’ haha!)

Thursday May 20, 5pm – Happy Hour!
We’re still talking to a few different bars about this, but it’ll basically be the “Yay we’re all here! Let’s drink stuff!” portion of the weekend.

Friday May 21, 8pm – “I Just Came From a Theme Party” Bar Crawl
What does this mean? Well, it means we’re having a theme night (duh!) but the theme itself is that you just came from a theme party. So, you could wear an 80s outfit, having “just come from an 80s party.” Or, a circus outfit. Or, a black and white outfit. Or, a cowgirl outfit. Or, well, you get the idea. To recap: wear something ridiculous, meet at 8pm at the to-be-disclosed location, move from bar to bar. The end.

Saturday May 22, 2pm – Competitive Photo Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by Harrah’s

I’ll be breaking everyone up into teams. There will be a time limit to take as many photos as possible off the list that the lovely people at Harrah’s are making for us. There will be winners. And prizes. And general fun all around.

Sunday May 23, 10am – Bye Bye Brunch
Come, eat, say bye to everyone, cry a lot, etc. etc.