I feel like I say this a lot lately, but what a week of ups and downs and everywhere in between! Last week was a doozie from a financial perspective, and this week has been truly trying at work, and I’ve had that all-over-the-place feeling, without a lot of respite.

However, as I look towards next week, and the next few months, I have a lot to look forward to, some fun trips, some “me” goals to accomplish (more on that later, but one may come next week when I attempt dinner by myself in San Jose!) and I realize that this year already has been filled with some chances, some risk, and a lot of growth because of that. And when I stumbled upon this quote for Quote Friday, it felt fitting for the coming months and where I am mentally right now.

“Accept that all of us can be hurt, that all of us can-and surely will at times-fail. I think we should follow a simple rule: if we can take the worst, take the risk.”

Sure, we get hurt, and that’s a risk, but if that is the only risk you’re facing, then, why not? Really?

We’ve all experienced heartache, sadness, and pain, but you always recover, right? We’re amazingly resilient people, especially those of us that have gone through trying life events, and I firmly believe that you grow and learn so much more from what hurts you and even when you fail, than if you never took the chance in the first place.

So, if the worst is the risk or the failure, then take the chance…more often than not, you’ll be rewarded. I’ve found this to be so true in all of my experiences, particularly with dating. Sure, there have been a couple of choices that maybe I would have handled differently, looking back, but I learned from them (hindsight is truly a powerful thing, isn’t it?!) and grew from them, and had I not taken those chances, I would have either taken them later on, perhaps, or still be wondering “what if…”

While I feel like this post is a little bit all over the place and not that specific, it’s how my brain’s working after the week I’ve had 😉 So, on that note, have a fantastic weekend everyone…and uh, ask me about how date #3 goes with chemistry.com boy #2 tomorrow, because my date’s tonight!