counts for something, right? Or a lot? Both personality-wise and physically/emotionally?

I’m coming to realize that it counts for much more than you think, and maybe I always knew that deep down, but also think dating deserves a fair shake, in terms of determining if it’s there or if it’s not.

Sometimes it is instant. Other times it is clearly NOT there. And sometimes it builds.

I was thinking perhaps it was building with boy #2, but after date #3 last night, I didn’t feel much at all for him, besides the start of a friendship, perhaps (which isn’t a bad thing, in itself, really!). We had a nice time at dinner, and then went to see “Date Night” (fitting, right?), which was hilarious (love Tina Fey and Steve Carell!). He had been saying that he’s a good cuddler, and likes to hold hands and such, but didn’t even attempt. Nothing (not that I was angling for that, at that point, since over dinner, I’d pretty much determined it probably wasn’t there, chemistry-wise). And we left, and he walked me to my car (he finally put his arm through mine) and gave me a peck on the lips. Nothing. No spark, no nothing. We said goodnight and off I went.

I know he would like to continue dating, from what he’s told me, and how he’s acted around me, but I don’t think we’re quite a match, and I will be honest with him on that. Not sure if I’ll mention it before Vegas or when I get back (since I’m not sure when I’ll talk to him again anyway), but that’s all she wrote, folks.


(and btw, I am completely fine with this, I don’t feel any regret for going on three dates or anything like that, because I felt I needed to give it a shot, since I thought there was some chemistry building by date #2, but date #3 was the proof I needed that it actually wasn’t there at all. And I think that’s okay. It happens! Onward!).

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m off to some pampering before my trip (haircut and pedi – woohoo!) and then girls night, which I’ll be hosting.