Yup, that’s right…not only am I an overthinker, I’m an overpacker too!

Literally, all day, I’ve been packing, repacking and packing again. I haven’t had a week-long trip anywhere but locally (Maine and such) for a couple of years (which I’m just realizing…wow, really? Last week-long vaca/trip I took was in April 08 to Aruba with my ex), so to pack for this trip is seriously stressing me out.


Because not only am I packing for Bloggers in Sin City in Vegas, but I also have a two-and-a-half day “detour” to San Jose for work. So, I have to pack some work-related clothing and then some clothes (okay, a lot of clothes!) for Vegas. What’s my tally? Well, I’ve pared it back, but first, I had 5 bathing suits, 9 tank tops, 3 pairs of jeans, 5 dresses, and 4 pairs of shoes.

Um, really?

It’s six days not sixteen!

Yea, so, really, not only am I an overthinker, I’m an overpacker…so the combination of the two is, well, bad news 😉

So, on that note, it’s been a fantastic weekend, I’m winding down, trying NOT to think of my bulging suitcase wondering if I’ve forgotten anything (lest we forget a few workout outfits, yes, I DO plan to work out a few times…yes, I know, crazy, it’s vacation, I shouldn’t, but you know me by now!) and looking forward to kicking ass in my meeting on Tuesday in San Jose, and then enjoying every last minute of Bloggers in Sin City…because, dammit, I deserve it!