**Hello from San Jose! Of course I can’t go a full week without blogging, and while my posts during Bloggers in Sin City may be sporadic (or may be one big fat post next weekend!), I’ll try to keep up!**

Let me start by saying that I love blogging for many, many reasons. I’ve met a lot of amazing, fun, strong, resilient people (some of whom I’ll meet at Bloggers in Sin City!). I’ve been able to hash out my feelings, qualms, fears, and worries about everything that’s swirling in my brain, from dating, to life’s struggles (and joys!), with the benefit of getting some excellent and valuable feedback from my friends, my blog friends and my family (and sometimes have figured out what I want to do with whatever I’m struggling with by the time I’ve finished writing my blog post!). Almost most importantly, I’ve realized that I’m not alone in many of life’s situations, and for some reason, that’s damn comforting. In all,  I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

But with the good, comes the trade-offs.

I’ve found – most often with dating, specifically – the need to “justify” the decisions I’ve made since I dove into the dating pool headfirst last July. And I’m not sure why…or if it’s my own insecurities that make me feel compelled to do so. And part of why may be just because of the sheer volume of advice, feedback and viewpoints I see and receive comments on, which oftentimes, are all over the map (thanks folks, for adding to my overthinking *wink*).

So, along the lines of justification, I feel the need to again make a few points…call them justifications if you will.

  • Though I am relatively new to dating, I’m no newbie. I know what I want, I’ve been on enough first dates, one-date-wonders, third-date fizzlers, and almost-but-not-quite-quasi-relationships to know the signs, the feelings, the good and the bad. I trust myself. Don’t worry, I’m smart, I don’t make rash decisions, and I don’t regret anything I’ve done so far.
  • Chemistry is important – and no, not lust, not sexual. Yes, those are important feelings to have, but they aren’t how I’m defining chemistry when I reference it. Chemistry is everything – physical, emotional, mental – and if those pieces aren’t there, I know I haven’t found what I’m looking for. I also know it won’t show up on the first date…but in some cases you know right away that it’s absolutely not there, and other times, it takes a little while to progress. I know that, I’ll go on a few dates if the jury’s out in that department, and I’ll nip it in the bud if I don’t see any inkling of that from the get-go.
  • I’m not dating “to date” but on the other hand, I’m not “rushing” into a relationship, either. Sometimes I get the impression that I appear as though I’m dating “to date” and not just because I want to find love again (which some may say will come when it’s meant to – agreed, but I do want to have some kind of control in helping that happen sooner rather than later…can you blame me?), or because I’m afraid of being alone (because I’m clearly not!). Part of the reason I keep dating (perhaps not the most successfully!) is for the simple reason of learning…learning more about what I want, learning more about the traits in men I like, and those I don’t, and hey, there is a sense of excitement about meeting someone new, I’ve decided, so until I have many horrific experiences (let’s hope not), or until I meet the man of my dreams, I’m going to keep at it. And enjoy it.
  • I’m smart, really, I am. I know what I want, even when I hem and haw and overthink like whoa.

There you go – my justification…perhaps something I don’t need (as I re-read this post, I realize that it may be more for me, than for anyone else, so I hope nobody takes offense or thinks I’m aiming at any particular comments on here, because I’m not), but I felt it was important because I feel like I can be misunderstood sometimes, or misread in my actions or the way I describe certain actions or decisions in my blog.

And bottom line, it is my life, I have a good head on my shoulders and dammit, I’m enjoying the ride. Join me on the bus, will you? 😉


PS, I love winning bets.


PPS, read T’s post from yesterday, her sage advice is well, very sage!! Couldn’t have said it more completely or more simply myself. (And T, I’m sorry you have three friends going through this at once, that’s tough. Wow. )


PPPS – check out the final schedule for Bloggers in Sin City – woohoo, bring it on!!

Thursday May 20, 5pm – Happy Hour at Zeffirino at The Venetian
“Yay we’re all here! Let’s drink stuff!”

Friday May 21, 11:00am – “I Don’t Really Know Anyone” Poolside Mixer at the Flamingo pool, Sponsored by Stratejoy

The always lovely Molly from Stratejoy is hosting a mixer that will help everyone get to know each other even better! Come ready for new best friendship and all kinds of fun 🙂

Friday May 21, 8pm – “I Just Came From a Theme Party” Bar Crawl (meet at Margaritaville in the Flamingo!)
What does this mean? Well, it means we’re having a theme night (duh!) but the theme itself is that you just came from a theme party. So, you could wear an 80s outfit, having “just come from an 80s party.” Or, a circus outfit. Or, a black and white outfit. Or, a cowgirl outfit. Or, well, you get the idea. To recap: wear something ridiculous, meet at 8pm, be thirsty. The end.

Saturday May 22, 2pm – Competitive Photo Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by Harrah’s

I’ll be breaking everyone up into teams. There will be a time limit to take as many photos as possible off the list that the lovely people at Harrah’s are making for us. There will be winners. And prizes (dinner for two at Serendipity 3, Chippendales tickets, etc). And there will be general fun all around. Meet in the lobby of the Flamingo at 2pm to get your team assignment and your t-shirt. Make sure you bring a camera or a phone to take pictures with!!

Sunday May 23, 10am – Champagne/Bloody Mary Brunch at Paradise Garden Buffet at the Flamingo
We’ll be meeting outside of Paradise Garden Buffet at the Flamingo for a farewell brunch. The buffet brunch includes a glass of Champagne or a Bloody Mary from their Bloody Mary bar, and we’re receiving a $5 discount per person off the total cost of the meal (original price is $20.99).