Today marks one year since my Nonna passed away and wow, what a year it has been.

As I think about where I am now (Vegas, meeting lots of fantastic fellow bloggers, somewhere I never dreamed I’d be now, back then), and how much has happened and how much I’ve continued to grow, I know she would be proud of me, and of my sisters, because we’ve each gone through trying times this year, and we’re all in healthy spots in our lives, and as close as we’ve ever been (uh, hello, auntie throwdown!). She was an amazing woman, and there are just no more perfect ways to describe her than this (and this probably doesn’t even still come close to defining her) – quietly determined (sort of like me), bullish (when she needs to be, sort of like my sister Jess), a caring soul (just like my sister Jen) and one of the most fair, loving, inspiring woman I’ve ever known.

She’s inspired me in so many ways, and even more so after her passing. A few of the posts that I’ve written since her death have been some of my favorites, and if you want to read some of them, you can read them here (My Nonna; on the day of her death,“era escrito cosi il libro del destino;” on one of her favorite sayings, and during the holidays; this year vs. last).

Borrowing “against” Quote Friday for this one, and a quote I mentioned on my Nonna’s birthday as well, the following quote…because I think about her often, I love her dearly, and she’s continuing to be an inspiration in my life always.

“If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.” -Claudia Ghandi