Wow. What a trip. A blur of a trip. A wonderful trip.

Akin to “sleep away camp” when you’re growing up, in a sense, a sensory overload of people, meeting your roommates and figuring out who you click with. I’ll try to do this weekend justice in this recap (and stay tuned for a picture recap when I get home, since I’m writing this post from the airport!).

Where do I start? The beginning!

Day 1/2:

I arrived late Wednesday evening with Mel – suuuuper late (as in, midnight PT, yikes, late for us East Coasters!) but our pleasant surprise was a suite upgrade in our hotel (the Flamingo) for the oh, less than 12 hours we’d spend in that room before bunking up with our roommates, but fun, nonetheless. Two rooms, two queen beds, huge bathroom complete with two sinks.

Thursday morning, we woke up, and kicked off the day in Vegas style, with mimosas with our breakfast, and hit the pool soon after (where we spent much of our time over the weekend!). We enjoyed an obscenely large strawberry daquiri, and waiting for the other bloggers to show up. Twitter was an amazing tool this weekend, as we all used the hashtag #bisc (check out some of those tweets, you can just imagine the shenanigans that occured, no?). We first met up with LeahChristine and Dianna (who ended up being two of our faves!) from Chicago and enjoyed more pool time together, meeting up soon thereafter with Steph, who is also pretty darn cool.

But, those we most wanted to meet up with? Our roomies! Shannon (who I absolutely adore, not that I was expecting anything less!!) and Akirah, who we brought to the dark side, just a wee bit, throughout the weekend (c’mon, she enjoyed it!). We finally met up with them later in the afternoon, hugged, squeeled and then went off for a bite to eat before finally getting into our room.

The evening was spent at Zeffirino at the Venetian, meeting with the other bloggers. And that was a rush! It was so fun to meet everyone, putting names to faces, and have a couple of drinks. This is also where I met Erika and Betterment of Man, who are my inspiration that love is out there, even in the blogosphere! Cheers to “blog love!!” We took the rest of the evening to wander around the Venetian, and then, I made good on my promise and had a drink (not a ‘rita! I’m sorry, I don’t like tequila or I would have!) for Nicki (a Bahama Mama, or two…) at Margaritaville, before ending the evening watching the light show at the Bellagio with Shannon and Mel. That was one of my favorite moments of the weekend.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, with more details on day 3/4 and some more of my favorite moments, and a few pictures (for fear of making this post uber long, and to build up the anticipation, I’m making this a mini-series!)


Oh, and did I mention? I won a prize?! I came up with the winning name for the sex toy giveaway (yes, sex toy giveaway) that Nicole tweeted out on Wednesday. The winning name? Sin City Sextacular. Good, no?

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