As I sit here, socked with a nasty cold (must have been traveling on 5 different planes in 5 days that did me in, huh?) and I look through the pictures of Bloggers in Sin City that I took and others took, I realize more and more what an amazing experience it was. I am letting it marinate a little more before I share some of my learnings (stay tuned for that tomorrow), but for now, more of my recap of the second half of my trip.

Day 3/4:

Day 3…started with a fantastic morning by the pool with a “poolside” mixer to get to know everyone more, complete with reserved seating and reserved couches/bed thingies to share. It was awesome to have a roped off section to lounge in because the chairs were always packed with people no matter what time of day, and we got prime seating right in front. We spent much of the morning there, and I had some great conversations with some of my favorites (roomies Shannon, Mel and Akirah, of course, as well as others throughout the day), and got some time to lounge and just let my mind run free. After the week and a half earlier of stress at work and traveling to San Jose, it was just what I needed (that and fruity cocktails, let’s be honest).

The evening was SO much fun. It was the “I just came from a theme party” bar crawl (that actually ended up staying at one location – Planet Hollywood) and my roommates and I chose to dress as though we came from an “offensive t-shirt” party. My pick? Notsooffensive, but still funny: “Good girls just never get caught.” Mel’s, however, was the funniest, but also probably the most offensive: “Save gas, ride a handicap.” Even she admitted it was toeing the line πŸ˜‰ We hung out at Planet Hollywood for awhile and then decided to hit an, um, “adult” location (let’s leave it at that, shall we?) and that was ridiculously fun. It was just a few of ladies, and we got a comped limbo bus, complete with strobe lights, music and dancing poles (mm hmm!). So fun. It was probably our latest night out too, 2 am perhaps?

Day 4ish?

Saturday, our last full day at BISC was spent poolside, and then during the evening, we chose to stick to ourselves as a group and have a fancy dinner out at a french steakhouse at Paris. It was so fun getting dressed up, going out to a nice dinner and recapping our favorite moments of the trip. It was also a time where we really got to know each other that much more…I shared my full story of divorce with the group (some of them had most of the details, but for others, it was brand new). It was just good to really get to talk to each other about our lives, what we love about blogging and just totally relate to each other (and I’m convinced, Shannon, if you lived here, we’d be BFFs! πŸ™‚ ) The night ended meeting up with some cute boys (half accidentally) at a burlesque show back at our hotel…let’s just say Shannon now refers to one of them as potentially TW4, if that’s any indication.

All in all, it was a fantastic long weekend, but as with any travels, I am always so happy to be home. I crave routine, my own food, and well, sleep. So, I sit here now (with Pete actually…we used to watch this show religiously together!), enjoying the summer-ish evening, watching the series finale of 24, my most favorite show ever…there will be tears