As I sit here feeling even worse today than I did yesterday (convinced this is the cold from hell!), I figured I’d post a few pictures and a few last thoughts (and for some fun quotes of the weekend, check out Mel’s latest blog for some funnies) for my Bloggers in Sin City mini-series finale 😉

A few final thoughts:

  • It’s truly amazing to meet people that I’ve shared my life with (and theirs) through blogging over the past year and a half, and to be talking about our lives now vs. then, face-to-face. I can’t explain it, but it just felt awesome, and I truly believe I’ll be friends with some of these girls IRL now as well as through our blogs.
  • We are who we are – everyone I met that I’ve read their blogs are exactly as they are in their blogs…and I love that. Sometimes the “in-person” doesn’t translate from online, and I was afraid that might happen, or there might be awkwardness, but there wasn’t any, it was picking up where we left off, as if we’ve been friends forever. VERY cool.
  • I finally got my designer purse – Coach – living up to my Vegas expectations…but didn’t get to do a few of the other things I wanted to do, like jump in a fountain (guess I could have), or see a Cirque de Soleil show (tix were sold out, BUT they are coming to Boston this summer so I plan to go then!)
  • I continue to amaze myself at traveling alone, and not being overly scared or intimidated by it. It may seem like a simple thing to some, but for me, this is huge, and I am proud of how far I have come. Each and every day. I never take it for granted. Being independent will always feel like a huge step forward for me.
  • I really want to get that blog family reunion going for a “part II” of Bloggers in Sin City, with all of you “family” that I’d love to meet (Quarter for Her Thoughts, INRIS, Snark, T, Nicki, Diary of a Divorced Guy, Lil Devil Mama, Student Mama, etc) and of course those that I already have (Shannon, Mel, duh, of course)
  • I never want to take 5 plane rides in 5 days. Ever. Again. Just sayin.

Now, for some pics!

Great way to "recognize" everyone at happy hour - through twitter handles!

First night out with the roomies! Mel, me, Akirah and Shannon

Goofing off at Zeffirino with some other fun bloggers, including blog newlyweds Erika and Betterment of Man.

One of my fave shots, with Shannon, outside of the Bellagio

our "offensive" t-shirts, aren't we cute? This was at Planet Hollywood.

Group shot i our costumes!

Final dinner out, at Paris.