It’s been a funky week so far, getting back into routine, and work, and working out, all while trying to combat the cold-from-hell, but as the week is coming to a close, and the long weekend is upon us, I’ve been randomly collecting a few of my favorite things at the moment, and I figure they’re worth sharing, because they scream happiness, inspiration, hope, and fun…and since I’m all ‘puppies and rainbows,’ they’re itching to be blogged about 😉

On the plane to Vegas, I ripped out a few articles I was reading and tucked them away. One of them was an interview with Sarah Silverman and “7 things worth repeating.” A couple of my favorites:

Sweat a little every day. Organize your apartment, do your laundry, play basketball or nuzzle with another person (me: does a kitty nuzzle count? Cuz that’s all I got right now. Heh.

Sarah’s mom’s advice on heartbreak: ‘it hurts, but don’t put up a wall…take a risk and fall in love – it’s worth the pain.” (me: YES, YES, YES! Completely agree)


Another article I was reading was from Marie Claire, and it was on “the science of sex” and it focused in part on a book called “For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage,” which focused on what qualities comprise lasting love.

It talked about chemistry, literally, whether chemical connections play into dating, love and marriage, and validated that a little more for me, both literally (chemical balances, hormones etc) and also noted that chemistry does play a role in whether there is a love connection, and while I didn’t need to read that to know that for me, personally, but it still validated it even more for me. Chemistry doesn’t mean sexual or romantic feelings solely, either, it’s the whole package. It’s there, somewhere, I know it. Where, when, how and who? That remains to be seen…but it’s out there somewhere.

It also talked about expectations and whether setting them too high in love and marriage is the kiss of death. Research from UNC notes that it’s actually the opposite…when you set expectations too low, that’s when relationships and marriage fail. AMEN.


Winning bets that yield fun things like this – is that a cute magnet or what? Seriously, it makes me smile every time I open the fridge. Thanks my bloggy friend!


Quotes like these. Can you read them? This is also on my fridge, and I read them every single day. (told ya this post was random, or if I didn’t, you can probably figure that out by now!)


DOMS. Or, delayed onset muscle soreness. After 4 days of NOT working out (yes, I know, this is *crazy* for me…) while in Vegas at BISC, I was desperate to get back to that particular part of my routine. Despite my better judgement, I did a couple of crazy back-to-back weight workouts (upper and lower body) that I am completely paying the price for today, 2 1/2 days later. I’m limping, I’m aching, and I’m having trouble standing up after sitting for awhile.

So, why is this one of my favorite things, you ask?! Because it means I’m back to my workout routine, of course, and DOMS scream (no pun intended…) that the workouts are working. Told you I’m a little bit crazy, right? And that I have the cold from hell? Yea, in hindsight, probably not the best idea, but I’m embracing it, mmk?


Long weekends!!

I am stoked for this weekend, truly. I have a weekend packed with fun plans, with my Group Kick “family” tomorrow night (celebration is in order, if I do say so myself!), my brother-in-law’s annual birthday bash on Saturday, and the beach on Sunday and/or Monday, likely. Life’s pretty damn good, no?

So, there you have it…some of the things I’m digging at this very moment. There are some more potentials brewing, but for now, I think this list is plenty long. I hope you all got a laugh out of this, perhaps share some of these favorites, and all have a fantastic long weekend welcoming the official start to summer, my most favorite season ever.