I’ve been ruminating on a post all day today, in follow up to my post yesterday (check out Shannon’s almost-identical post yesterday, freakishly similar, guess sometimes our collective bloggy minds are in the same place, since I read a few others today that had similar themes) when I came across a blog from the Dating Optimist on your “pretty (love) place” and it was dead-on.

An excerpt:

I was listening to an old Astrud Gilberto album yesterday when I heard a song that really spoke to me. It had such a powerfully optimistic message that I want to pass it on to you. The song is called “Lugar Bonita,” which means “Pretty Place.” While I’d heard this song tens of times before, this time I was really listening to the words and I was moved by her optimism. These are the words of a woman moving forward on a path, not knowing exactly what’s at the end, but knowing it will be a pretty place, a happy ending. You can be this woman! (And guys, you can, too!) It just takes saying these same hopeful words enough that you really believe them.

While I don’t know where my “pretty place” will lead me, or where my happy ending will be, or when it will be, I love this, because it’s so true, and it gave me more hope and pushed me back into my usual optimistic self. Not to say that I wasn’t heading there anyway today, because I was. I enjoyed a pretty solitary day today (and a thoroughly enjoyable solitary evening last night. Me. wine. movies, and a fun chat with IntrigueMe!) and realize that I’m okay.

I’m more than okay. I’m great, I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m doing a little better financially (thank God for second jobs!) and I’m optimistic about finding love in the future. It’ll happen, I know it will, and taking this attitude, being a little more chill about it releases me from the anxiety I’ve been building up ever so subtlely in my mind. And honestly, knowing that I’m not alone in this, this want for a relationship, for love, for companionship, is oddly resassuring. Sometimes I guess I’m just surrounded by couples and those in love, that I lose sight of the fact that there are many of us in this world (and even in my own social circles) that are single, and are happy despite that, even if they too are in want of the elusive relationship.

So, I think I can be in my “pretty place” without the love piece…because I feel like my life is pretty right now, I’m in a happy spot, and  when I look around, despite that missing link, it looks pretty, well, pretty.

So I ask you, what’s your pretty place?