With a 27-year-old.

Is that weird?

Or am I just making it weirder than it has to be?

Lord knows I’ve dated older (hello, CBE!). And I’ve dated in between. But I haven’t really dated younger. And it’s just a few years, right?

It’s not really a hesitation on my part (maybe my friends have different ideas, but that’s okay, they’re allowed to have opinions, right? But bottom line, it’s still my life, and I’m all about chances these days, so why not?) because I’d already decided that I wanted to meet him before realizing his age. See, we’ve been communicating on OK Cupid for a couple weeks here and there before I actually looked at his age. And that makes me believe that I didn’t notice his age in his writings (as in, he didn’t come across as immature or without his feet firmly planted on the ground) and that’s a good thing.

And, he digs working out (which clearly I do, and it’s sort of a big one for me. And, to boot, he’s a personal trainer. Score. And no, not *that* way, just sayin’). He’s always looking for a challenge, he likes his “alone” time, he’s daring (likes to travel alone, steer clear of “ruts” etc) and he says this:

My biggest fear is standing still and having to settle for what is given to me. In my life, there is no one to blame but myself for any short-comings or ‘could have beens’ and I’ve seen my share already. At this point in my life, I’ve done more than most and less than others, a lot of which strikes the reaction, “You did WHAT?!?”

I dig that. And hope he lives up to what’s he told me so far. So, we’ll see what happens. It’s looking to be a summery night, perhaps with a thunderstorm or two, and we’re meeting at a place on the water in Boston, so it should at least make for pretty scenery, right?

So, I have a date tonight. And that’s just dandy with me. Not overthinking, not underthinking, just toeing the line. It’s a new standpoint for me and so far, it’s working out just fine.

More details tomorrow…wish me luck?


And PS, if you have a chance, check out Life Uncensored – Ronda is one of the fantastic bloggers I met at Bloggers in Sin City, and I totally love what she has to say here…set your life in fire. It’s giving me lots of food for thought.