Happy Quote Friday everyone!

It’s been somewhat of an intrinsic week for me, as I’ve been ruminating on a lot, in the midst of a blur of a week, complete with a fantastic date with Southern Boy/OKC #3, and this quote feels “right” for tonight, so here it is:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

For me, this goes back to life being an empty slate for me, even a year and a half after my divorce, where divorce may not define me, but it’s certainly impacted me like nothing else in my life, and I take this as an opportunity to create the life that I want – for just me, not for anyone else (going back to this being the year of me, and nobody else!) – because I deserve it, I have the opportunity and I need to take it, run with it, and never look back.

Even if you aren’t divorced or have gone through a life change like that, I think we all have the opportunity to create or re-create who we are or want to be. Move beyond stagnation, the status quo, the playing-it-safe, to the “what-if,” the “why not?” the “yes I should” and go for what you want…be passionate, and if you aren’t passionate, look for it and then go after it.

Life’s just too short to trudge through life just doing, reacting, and being. It’s too short to go through negative, or angry, or upset, or victimized. What’s the point? It doesn’t solve a damn thing, does it?

On that note, if you have time, take a peek at my guest post for Mandy over at Since My Divorce. I’m especially proud of it, I enjoyed writing about divorce not meaning failure. There are some other excellent guest posts there, including one from Lauren at My Life, Incomplete that I absolutely love. Worth a read.

Happy Friday/weekend everyone!!