Yes, that’s right, be jealous.

Finally got to meet INRIS today, for lunch, along with Mel (well of course, I know her, duh, but it was fun for the three of us to meet up, a little impromptu bloggy lunch!) and it was fantastic…so great to meet someone that I’ve been following for months, and keeping in touch with by email etc.

What did I learn?

He’s a genuine, good guy.

And he’s happy.

And he’s moving forward.

And that makes all the difference in the world, if you ask me. If you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and just get through the tough spots, it makes a hell of a difference.

I sit here and while I may have my own stresses (the usual money woes, work woes, and more seriously, Nala woes), it is encouraging to see a friend come out of difficult situation already for the better, even though there’s still much more ahead for him.

I neglected to take a picture – of course, realized it as I was driving back to work – but I will say that we had a great time, and if he lived in this neck of the woods, I’m sure we’d be great “IRL” friends as well. Have a blast during the rest of your trip, INRIS, and thanks for the fantastic parting gift (a lovely bottle of wine…that I will most definitely crack open with Mel and cheers to you, and towards the ability to move forward).

Onward friends!


One thing INRIS said that really resonated with me was this – what’s great about those he (and I) follow that are going through divorce or break-ups is that they learn, they get stronger and they don’t wallow.

It’s food for thought, and it’s something I’ll probably blog about more in coming weeks. Not to say that I am a wallower per se, but I think I have allowed myself more down moments than usual (which isn’t always bad…you need to feel what you feel before you can release them) related to dating, finding love, money woes (sensing a theme?!) and general bumps and bruises from life.

Because, at the end of the day…life’s pretty damn good and sometimes I need a slap of reality to realize that. I saw that today…so thank you, INRIS…’til we meet again.