It’s been a tough week emotionally for me. I’ve felt so drained since Monday’s incident with Nala, and I’ve been struggling with keeping my faith strong and just hoping for the best possible outcome, instead of just assuming the worst. So, this quote, which I tucked away from Life by the Day is absolutely perfect for today:

“You can’t analyze the unseen. Sometimes, you just have to have faith and believe.”

This is put so simply, yet it is incredibly hard to do. And, by nature, I’m a worrier. I’m an overthinker (no news flash there!).  So, trying to release my fears and worries about Nala’s health and just keep my faith strong has been so difficult for me this week. As I mentioned earlier this week, I haven’t felt this down since my divorce, as if my world is crumbling, and it scared me to think how quickly I could go from happiness and positivity to absolute misery, pain and sadness. But what was encouraging was how I’ve been able to be stronger, realize that whatever she has may indeed be treatable, and rely on my support system in my family, friends (IRL and blog!), and…Pete. And while I know the coming weeks will be stressful as we determine what is wrong with her, I am absolutely focused on keeping my faith strong and believing that God has a plan.

I know it will be hard, but worrying, stressing and sadness won’t cure whatever ails her, nor will it do my psyche (or Nala’s!) any good in the process. Right?

So, on that note, I’m going to do my best to move forward, be optimistic and pray…and enjoy the weekend ahead of me, filled with some fun sister plans (seeing both this weekend will be a treat!) and plans with one of my friends I’ve known longest (5th grade!).

Enjoy your weekends, and thank you everyone who has commented here or offered their support and prayers IRL as well. You are my rocks.