Sometimes…I wish…

…I was in love.

…my kitties were both healthy (well, this is all the time, right now, anyway)

…I would come home to a not-empty house.

…to be thinner.

…to have perfect abs.

…to not question myself

…to love myself truly for who I am and not look in the mirror and see flaws (don’t we all…).

…that I never had to go through divorce. (though I still wouldn’t have changed it for the world, despite it all).

…that I’m thankful to have my ex-husband (still) as my best friend.

…that I had more money, and didn’t feel broke 90% of the time (again, don’t we all…).

…that I knew what love felt like again.

…that I didn’t have to travel this weekend, so I could watch my Nals.

…that my faith didn’t waver so much these days.

…that I had the guts to drop everything and live on a deserted island with nothing but chapstick, wine, coffee and my family. (and my cats).

…that I had the guts to move across the country and never look back.

…that I didn’t wish so much and could enjoy all that I have…because I do, but sometimes it’s hard not to wish away life…

I wish. That is all.

What do you wish?

**my rambling stream of conscious post tonight…don’t mind me, really, I am just bound by my thoughts tonight and the easiest way for me to sort through them, is to write them down. **