As I sit here, packed up for my 3-day trip to San Jose for work (feeling as though I was just there, which I was, just a month ago, and hoping my kitties, and Nala in particular will be okay while I’m away…), I contemplate this question:

“How little do you need to have everything?”

I’m reading a fantastic book called “Drinking the Rain” about a woman who gives up the hustle and bustle of a hectic NYC lifestyle for a rural life in Maine, complete with a rustic cabin, with no “real” electricity (only by propane gas) and running water (pump only). She recounts how she basically learns to live as one with nature, learning to appreciate her surroundings and the amazing creations that abound, things like seaweed, berries and herbs growing in the wild, to catching her fish, and mussels and periwinkles and eating them for her meals.

She utters this very notion...”discovering how little I need in order to have everything…my new rules are few and simple, follow my interest, go as deep as I can, change the rules whenever I like.”

And I sit back and think – wow, she has guts, she just went for it, at the age of 50, and had everything she needed, back to basics, and enjoying what life truly is, beneath it all (if we allow it and see it), simplicity (which leads to happiness, I believe).

It truly makes me think and ponder where I see my life going in the next six months, year, even 10 years from now. Am I where I want to be? Sort of. Do I want more? Yes. What do I want? To love what I do – all of it – all day long. That last piece is what I feel is something I need to challenge and determine if what my days consist of, is what I want.

What if…

I packed up and moved to wine country, opened up a personal training practice with my sister, and work at some vineyards on the side? Could I do it? Do I have the guts?

What if…

I took a sabbatical…truly, and did what this woman does…hole myself up in Maine (I’m lucky enough to have a place where I could do something fairly similar, but less, uh, rustic) and just write, and think, and create (get back to that B&W photography that I’ve long since neglected)?

What if…

I just strip it all down, keep as little as I need, and do what I want, not what pays the bills and what I somewhat enjoy?

I don’t know if I have the guts, and I don’t know if that is what I truly want – any of these “what if” scenarios – but it does make me think, that at a bare minimum, there is something immensely intriguing and so right about getting back to basics. I dig it, and I sort of want to investigate that…maybe piece by piece, or something temporary, but I just think it’s food for thought, even just that question “how little do you need to have everything?”

What about you? How little do YOU need to have everything?” Is it just a romanticized or idealized idea of the pursuit of happiness, or is there something there