Wow. Two days since I have blogged. I guess I didn’t realize I’d be as busy as I was in San Jose, but I was. And I feel so very behind in my bloggy reads, and my own blogging.

I’m feeling busy – like, whoa (see, I knew I’d tie in that blog title somehow!) – and a little all over the place – again – so, I bring to you, my random musings and updates du jour:

…I was amazed at how many comments and thoughts my blog on Sunday elicited. And, to be honest, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the possibilities that lie ahead. I hope to make one of these ideas come to fruition in my quest for simplicity and change.

…Nala is improving! I was really nervous to leave her for my trip, but she had great care (thanks to mom and Jess/Scott!) and the medicine seems to be helping. She’ll be on it for another week and then we’ll go from there, I think. Thanks for all of your support, concern, and kitty prayers. They’re working.

…not much new in the world o’ dating at the moment (goes back to being busy ‘like whoa’ partially). Southern Boy is still around, sort of, but his schedule isn’t quite jiving with mine, we’ve both been traveling, and as I mentioned in a previous post,  I’m not sure what he’s “in it for” – casual dating or longer term. If he’s out for something strictly more casual, then perhaps not meant to continue, but we’ll see. Door’s still hanging open at the moment. Few other prospects in (which is still such a disappointment to me!) and OKC…but nothing to write home about…yet. 😉

…I ran my longest run on Saturday – about 6 1/2 or 7 miles – go me!! I’m slowly starting to increase my runs since the Wicked Half is just a couple of months away (eek!), and I’m feeling good, day by day. I’m running a 5K tomorrow as well, good race practice.

…what else? Oh, things with me and Pete continue to go well, and I’m constantly reminded at how well we just “get” each other, and get along. This is what was meant to be, between us, and I’m glad. Looking forward to dinner tonight with him, to catch up (belated birthday dinner, in a sense, as well, as his 30th birthday was on Sunday).

that’s about all I got today folks – just some random one-off updates…happy reading, if I haven’t put you to sleep with my ramblings today 😉