I went into this weekend hoping to capture serenity (and peace) amid the storm.

I came away from this weekend with serenity amid and despite the storm.

In short, not only is Nala continuing to improve, totally loved being in Maine (as did her sister Kayla), I got a pretty promising report back from the vet today. Bloodwork came back negative, and urinalysis came back noting an infection, perhaps bacterium in her bladder or kidney, but hopefully (and possibly likely) something that is treatable after all. Treatment is to stay in antibiotics for now, possibly ultrasound in the next few weeks. Needless to say, I am beyond happy about that, I feel some sense of relief and it was a full-circle weekend for me in that regard.

Now…as for the weekend itself?

Pure bliss.

Plain and simple, it was exactly what I needed.

It was filled with relaxation, floating across the lake in the best floatie around (note pictures below), jetskiing, reading dockside, and even a nap or two.

It was filled with calm, peaceful mornings, a few good runs, lots and lots of fresh, crisp Maine air.

It was filled with family. My grandparents summer at the lake and they love when we visit. We played a mean game of dominoes (so much so that when my cousin called from Minnesota, that we didn’t stop playing, we merely played pass-the-phone-when-its-your-turn – heh.), and ate cake (because ya know, Gram can’t go a weekend without baking some treat for us, and it would be rude *not* to have any, right?). My mom and Mark came up for the night with their dog Pepper, and my sister Jen and Josh came up on Monday for some sun, lake and dinner (with their two pups, Liam and Ladybug).

It was filled with wine. Mmm. Lots of it.

And food. The best Maine lobster roll Ever. EVER.

It was filled with moments that I will forever keep in my mind, as one of the best – if not THE best fourth of July weekends I can remember.

Most memorable? This morning...we decided to stay one more night, and leave super early for work. Got up at 5, the sun was juuuust rising over the lake and it was breathtaking. We did a quick 2ish mile run just to get something in, jumped in the lake at 6 am, drenched in sweat (it hit 100 here today!!), packed up and drove home. And it was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

I captured serenity.

I leave with you a few pictures…enjoy. And if you can capture serenity on a quick vacation, day trip, even and unplug and just flow…it’s so worth it.

Jess and me - first night at the lake!

Jess and Scott - at Ted's Fried Clams awaiting our feast πŸ˜‰

Oops - almost forgot the lobster roll pic - mmm mmm good!

Me…also awaiting our feast πŸ˜‰

Jess and me - jetskiing!

me and Jess floating!

me - attempting to get Nala to look at the camera

The breathtaking sunrise...ahh bliss.