Okay, clearly that wasn’t meant seriously, but I am finding myself in a bit of a dating drought, somewhat self-inflicted, somewhat because Chemistry.com is sort of sucking (one potential…but for sake of not jinxing, will share deets later, if any!) and somewhat because of project releasing, which clearly I am not doing, if I am even writing about this, am I?

I know I need to let go, and most days lately I am totally, 100% a-okay with that, but other times, like in Maine, when I see what my sisters both have with their husbands…I want that. I want love. I want someone in my life. And, when I read about some brewings of potential love connections from some of my bloggy friends (you know who you are…and ahem, Shannon…GO YOU my friend!!) and look at the happiness brewing with QTMama, T, and Snark, I want it.

I know, I know…it’ll happen for me.

But when?

Universe! Tell me!

Or date me.




Okay, I feel better now. (sometimes you just gotta get it out, ya know? Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow). And honestly, I know you all are probably doing a comination of things…laughing because I probably lament on this weekly, saying to yourself “it will happen when you least expect it” (I know, I know!) or let go, stop looking, it will happen (noted.). I know…and you’re all right.

…doesn’t mean I still can’t want it, right?


By the way, the winner of the Andrea Syrtrash book “He’s Just Not Your Type” is Tryingtomakeitwork. A heartfelt comment and I hope you enjoy the read, and I hope things improve for you!