I wasn’t planning to blog today, but suddenly felt the urge to, as I am feeling utterly blessed at this very moment.

I’ve noted how tired I am, particularly financially, and I’ve been weighing my options in terms of my current lease, which runs out on September 27 (amazing that I’ve almost been living in my first “me” place since my divorce!) because it will be going up by $100 and I’m already feeling strapped as it is, as my rent is at the high end of my budget. At the time, last fall, this was the one place I truly loved and felt as if it was my new home – it just felt that way when I walked in.

It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse and I really do love it. It’s plenty big, and I really dig sleeping upstairs, since in my old home, it was a ranch, so all bedrooms were floor-level and I just never quite felt safe sleeping alone. But, with the rent increasing and my ongoing financial struggles, I’ve been really debating moving into a 1 bedroom unit here, instead and merging my home gym into my bedroom. That would be a compromise, of course, cramming it all into one (if you’ve seen my home gym, you’d know it kinda needs a whole room to itself!) but my bedroom is plenty big, so I thought it could work.

Only issue?

There are NO one bedroom units available. In fact, there are only 19 one bedroom units in the 200+ complex.

My hopes felt dashed when I realized that earlier this week, and I started to think about other options.

A roommate? Ugh, no. I need my privacy. I love my privacy. Not going to happen.

Move to an apartment vs. townhouse, that will likely be cheaper. An option, yes, but one of the big reasons I went townhouse was to have it still “feel” like a house. I’ve never lived in an apartment – and I realize I am lucky to have only lived in houses (at my mom’s house until I bought my house with Pete in 2003) – but every apartment I visited, I felt locked into, not many windows, no grass out front, so not a house. So, it was an option, but I wasn’t feeling too happy about the idea of moving to an apartment.

Either way, for me, weighing the options and the level of compromise were bringing me back to just sucking it up and trying to find a way to cut other things from my budget so I don’t feel so strapped all the time. For me, my home is the one place I don’t want to compromise so heavily that it affects the quality of my life.

Fast forward to just now.

I got an email from my leasing office. There is a one bedroom available. On September 12…my lease is up September 27 and they’ll let me out of it a few weeks early.

And it’s $200 cheaper per month than my current lease.


I feel blessed.

Everything truly DOES happen for a reason and I firmly believe God is playing his hand for me here. I feel so blessed. That, combined with Nala continuing to improve, and wow, I’m at a loss for words. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be moving units on September 12.

Lord, I open my heart and invite You to work in every area of my life. I bless You and thank You for Your faithfulness, In Jesus Name. Amen.


And did I mention I ran almost 10 miles today? Um yeah, ME! Woo-freakin-hoo!Β  Wicked Half doesn’t seem AS wicked after that accomplishment (even though I’ve felt tired and back-achy all day ever since! Worth it.)