As I sit here, upta camp, basking in the glow of my last hours of bliss, before returning home to reality, the daily grind and routine (some of which I embrace and some of which I do not!), I am casting a question to you all – inspired by something I saw Andrea Sytrash tweet about earlier today, asking:

“what’s the best advice you ever got?”

My immediate response was this:

Love is worth risking pain for (or something to that effect).

I’m not even sure where I got that advice, or if it is truly the “best” advice, but it was my gut reaction and I stand by it – love is worth risking and chancing for! So what if you get hurt, that’s less of a risk than never leaping for it in the first place.

So I ask you – what is the best advice you ever got?

I’ll probably post a follow-on to this once I get some feedback as well.

*back tomorrow with a recap of this glorious vaca…back to basking in serenity.