As yet another glorious weekend starts coming to a close, I’ve been re-reading some of the great advice from all of you, after I posed the question “what’s the best advice you ever got?” and I thought I’d reflect on some of these today.

From Ronda:

You will grow into some friends and out of others, and that’s alright. – A thousand times yes to this one. I’ve quite recently experienced just this – growing out of friendships – and it IS okay, and far too many hold on to friends that aren’t quite friends to them in return, that are more work than fun, and are no longer mutually satisfying. I say, purge those poisonous friendships!

From Magnolia:

Don’t ignore your problems, but just keep walking through them. you don’t have a choice; you either keep moving, or you die. – I learn this lesson quite often actually…I tend to ignore issues or problems that will result in confrontation and while I’ve gotten better at it, sometimes it just feels easier to push it out of my mind and it’ll ‘go away.’ Uh, notsofast. So, I am making more of a conscious effort to face my problems head on and find resolutions so I can keep walking forward.

From IntrigueMe:

Pick your battles. – wow, I need to keep this one posted to my forehead, like whoa! I let stuff nag at me and bug me to no end, when usually it is just that – little, insignificant, nothing, really – and it totally ruins my mood, distracts me, or if it’s a battle that I end up fighting and it would have been better to walk away from, I come to realize that only after, and that is almost as frustrating as letting the little things bug me in the first place. Wow, that was a ramble, hope you followed along 😉

From verybadcat:

All you can do is play the hand you’re dealt the best way you know how. – Exactly. You can’t always change the crappy hand you get, but you can face it, and know that if you can get through it, the next hand might be just that much better. Here’s to hoping.

From Nicki:

Wherever you are, that is where you are supposed to be. – This one gives me chills. This is one I need to think of and truly seer into my memory when I am having a pity party day. This is something I need to remember that love is out there for me. This is just what I need as my motto.

So, thank you my friends, for some fantastic advice. I enjoyed each one, and I hope you did too.


It’s been a great weekend, folks, with rockclimbing a huge success (and uh, a super cute guy instructing us – be still my heart…of course I didn’t have the balls guts to figure out if he was single, but hey, if HE were actually interested, he could find my number. Just sayin.), and some fun in the sun, all mixed in with much-needed relaxation, a smidge of shopping (and packing) for the Cathe Road Trip coming up this Thursday – Sunday (and I am SO EXCITED it’s not even funny…) to round out my weekend. Hope your weekends were filled with fun and laughter.

PS – I changed my header pic – this is the lake, on that early morning in July before we drove home…love how it looks!