Okay, so I *thought* today was the one year “date-o-versary” since my very first date post-Pete (can’t say post-divorce since we were still technically married), but it was actually July 28 (see here and here)…however, I’ve been excited all day to revisit my man audit that I’m jumping the gun and posting anyway…how do you like them apples? 😉 It’s the little things that get you through the day, right?

So, I’m reposting my initial man audit (note snarky new comments in bold) and adding in the others I dated after I posted this in January:

Here goes!

  • Boy #1: The first boy I went on a date, started at a semi-chance meeting at Starbucks and to one date (there was supposed to be a second, but uh, HE stood me up! Never heard from him again.) after that. He was nice, but looking back, I think I really opted to go out with him because he was the first one to show interest on match.com. He wasn’t my type looks-wise, we didn’t have a heck of a lot in common, and he was pretty boring (funny how hindsight is, isn’t it?!). Fail. Um, I must say, my blog post on my very first date was so short – I really had nothing else to say after a decade of no dates?! Wow.
  • Boy #2:  He was a cutie, was into MMA and boxing, had a good sense of humor. Good chemistry on our date, and we were going to have a second, but alas, an ex reappeared in his life and – thankfully – he was honest about it. No hard feelings. I liked that he was into being active, however, he was more on the scrawny side, and I almost felt bigger than him! As odd as that sounds…and I’m not really into that. So, while cute, nice eyes and smile, he sorta had small hand syndrome and for some reason, that skeeves me. Just sayin’ ;) Small hands still skeeve me out. I actually look at pics in profiles to see if their arms are super skinny or really small hands, just creeps me out – no idea why.
  • Boy #3: Not much to report here – he ended up being a non-starter. We had a date planned, but then he canceled, as he met someone else two nights before and felt he needed to give that a chance. Again, appreciate the honesty (he was cute, worked nearby, but I was sensing scrawny arm syndrome just a smidge hehe) Still appreciate the honesty and wish more men were upfront.
  • Boy #4: Had a date planned, he canceled, never called again. He was cute, we chatted once on the phone, and that was that. You win some, you lose some. Meh.Fail.
  • Boy #5: K, a little confusion here – some of my posts refer to “diamond boy” as #4 and #5, so I must have confused my numbers in some posts, but we went out once, and he’s still kicking aroumd, actually. He’s divorced, and totally enjoying the single life, so I definitely don’t see that going anywhere, however, he is intriguing and if he were, say, to want to go out again, I would probably go. He was very good looking, loves to travel, muscular (but not in a meathead way), runs, loves wine. Lots of my “list” items physically and activity wise. Too bad he’s got a bit of the playa vibe. For some reason, this one *still* intrigues me, and we keep in touch loosely, but have never made plans again, see aforementioned playa vibe. I get it, but I’m still intrigued. And hey, he was pretty hot (right, IntrigueMe?!)
  • Boy #6: Hmm. this is a mystery. I can’t find posts on boy #6. I really wasn’t paying attention to numbers, was I?! Good thing I am not a math major. Stay tuned…wow, I’m bad at math.
  • Boy #7: This was sort of a milestone one for me. We went on two dates. He was also recently divorced. Very good looking, workout-a-holic (slight meathead, but it wasn’t annoying, like that usually can be) and seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. We had a great first date, and on the second date, we had dinner at his place and there was some activity (I won’t get into details but you can probably connect the dots…) and after, sometime that week, got got weird, stopped calling and left me a random Facebook email, basically ending things. Jerk. What did I learn? Hot guy. Yes. Seemed nice. Yes. Between the lines.  Coupla red flags. You live, you learn. Amen. Live and learn. Never again.
  • Boy #8: This guy – he’s the male nurse. We went out once. He was quiet, a bit shy, good looking though, VERY close to his brother and family. Really dug that, and would have gone out with him again. We chatted about it a few times, and then it meandered past Thanksgiving, and by that point, I’d met boy #9. I’m convinced that boring is the kiss of death. This was proof…more to it than posted here, but he didn’t really do much. Didn’t hang out with friends, or do much but go to work and go home. I dunno, that’s sort of a non-starter, right?
  • Boy #9: Brainy Blonde. Reading through the posts makes me a bit nostalgic, I’m not gonna lie. I liked him a lot, and he was a good guy. He had a lot of qualities I liked – intellectual…a real thinker, close with his family, loves cats, great job, driven, and, to top it off, he volunteers at a shelter. And he was cute, we had great chemistry and conversation. You probably notice some qualities from here on my list. He had quite a few. I still wish things had progressed with him. He was a really good guy. He’s still with the chick he ended things with me for (that looks like his sister, I mean, that’s weird, but I digres), so I’m glad he made that decision, since clearly it was the right one, but still. Sometimes I wonder…what if.
  • Boy #10: The Russian! The only guy so far that I’ve dated from OK Cupid. We went on four dates. He was dark and intriguing. We had good chemistry, he liked to work out (however, for the amount of working out he claimed, I wasn’t that impressed. Wow, I sound like my bar is set really high on this physical feature, but it’s really not, I swear!). The only guy where I ended things. We just weren’t looking for the same things long term. Ha – the Russian aka IGOR. Yep, still can’t believe I went out with an Igor. Now, looking back, I don’t think I would have gone out with him again. Weird how hindsight does that.
  • NEW – Boy #11 – Captain Blue Eyes aka CBE – my closest ever to relationship status since I started dating. I blogged a lot about him, for many reasons. He was the oldest guy I’ve dated – 41 – he was completely different and unlike anyone I’d ever met – hence, totally out of my comfort zone, and he was challenging. We dated for a few months until he went all “The Secret” on me weird, as I noted before. I’m glad I ended things, but I do wish him well. Just not with me.
  • NEW – Boy #12 – aka ‘10 seconds’ – via OK Cupid. Um no. ‘nuf said.
  • NEWBoy #13 (aka boy #3 from chemistry.com – yea, my number system needs help, hear that Snark?!) – we went on three dates. First date, wasn’t sure about chemistry, second date, felt more chemistry, third date, no chemistry confirmed (ironic given we ‘met’ on chemistry.com, no?). We actually still keep in touch on email here and there. He’s a really nice guy, but just not for me, that way. And he kinda doesn’t do much either. Sort of puzzling. Get out! Enjoy life! There’s lots to do in the summer, even on your own.
  • NEW –  Boy #14 (aka Southern Boy, from OKC – and yes, wtf happened with numbering? Must rethink this going into year 2!) – This one started out SO promising, given how much hell it took me to GET to this date, and how much of a southern gentleman vibe I sensed. We got together a couple times, sort of last minute, and hung out, but never really “went out” again. There was obvious chemistry, and I think if his mind were in the same place as me, in terms of something more serious vs. casual, then maybe things could go further. But I just don’t ‘get’ that from him. So, for me, a no-go.

Phew. There ya have it, folks. My first year of dating, done and recapped here, in all it’s up and down glory! Now, what are some of the things I take away from this? Here are a few fun things and a few serious…

  • My most favorite first date? The ZOO, with Brainy Blonde. That was a lot of fun. Worst date? 10 Seconds, need I say more?
  • Biggest ‘red flag’ or trend I can spot better now and know that 99% of the time, it usually means “let’s be casual aka let’s enjoy our ‘chemistry'”  No comments from the peanut gallery, please 😉
  • It’s okay to take your time finding the right match – online or otherwise. Getting into dating in the beginning, I almost felt I needed to work fast to set up a date for fear that the guy would lose interest. Not sure why I thought that because if he did feel that way then a) wasn’t meant to happen anyway and b) um, impatient much? No thanks.
  • I’ve learned so much about what I like and what I don’t, and that there’s a whole lot of gray area in between. In other words, I know there are things I’ll find in a man that I never knew I even wanted.
  • I’m excited to move forward into “year two” of this journey and hope to find what I’m looking for…organically or online. Whatever is meant to happen, will.

Hope you enjoyed the man audit revisited and stay tuned – hopefully – for future dates, and a better numbering system, wow that was hard to follow 😉