I read a really intriguing post by C over at Leap and the Net will Appear ,(one of my go-to fave blogs and incidentally, I am really excited that she’s a New Englander as we are planning to meet for drinks soon – oh how I love meeting bloggy friends!) on challenging self-image and it inspired me to examine my own self-image and how I perceive myself, and how some of those perceptions have changed – while others perhaps not – in the almost-two years since my marriage came to a close.

While I’ve noted many times that since my divorce, I am more confident, more open (and open-minded) and most of all, much more independent, almost to the point of the polar opposite of how I used to be (at least for me!), what I think I still carry with me as something I “think” I am is shy.

It’s something I rage against so much inside and it’s something I struggle with and bang into walls constantly on – professionally and personally – and while I know I am nowhere near as shy as I was two years ago (and in social and fun settings, SO not shy), and even one year ago (I think dating has actually been huge for me in helping overcome shyness, as well as Group Kick, as noted in the post above, for sure), but it’s still something I label myself as…and maybe that’s exactly my problem.

As C notes that she always thought she wasn’t “outdoorsy” and she’s finding that perhaps she is, much more than she thought, maybe the fact that I label myself “shy” is hurting my ability to get past it. And shyness SO plays into confidence and commanding a room for me that sometimes it feels crippling (yet, thankfully, I don’t think it ever truly shows in a crippling manner).  But it’s definitely on what I’m calling my “mid-year” resolution list – kick this shyness thing for good…at least make some more leaps and bounds against it by the end of 2010. I think I can do it, I want to do it, and for me, it’s a matter of facing it head-on, putting myself into uncomfortable situations (because that therefore forces me out of my comfort zone!) so I can ditch the label for good.

So, I pose the question C posed to her readers (and thank you C, for letting me borrow the topic, it’s a goodie!):

What about you? Do you/did you have preconceived notions about who you are and what you are “into?” Have you challenged those notions recently?

I’m really curious what your thoughts are on the topic, and, if you know me, do you see me as shy? If you have been shy in the past, how did you overcome it?


On another note, I’m so giddy (or, as I noted on Facebook – I’m giddier than meeting the man of my dreams – oh wait… – gearing up for the Cathe Road Trip) for the Cathe Road Trip tomorrow – I’ll be away until Sunday, but stay tuned for some fun workout-and-blog-friend-filled posts in coming days (as much as I can, and/or a recap on Sunday!). This year has so much been about challenges – including as many physical challenges as I can – Group Kick, the half marathon, and this as well – and I can’t wait to enjoy every minute!!