As I draft this blog post in the Philly airport, my calves are on fire, my thighs are aching and if someone asks me to do one more jumping jack, plyo jump, mountain climber or tuck jump, I may cry or quite possibly slap you...however, I am happy – that workout high that just won’t quit!

So, rather than go through a play-by-play of the Cathe Road Trip weekend (much of which you can gather from the agenda I posted the other day, however, they DID add a spinning class in right after bootcamp once we got there, stepping up the intensity like whoa!), I thought I’d post some of the most memorable moments of the weekend:

  • Co-teaching a couple of kickboxing tracks with Cathe – yes, I’m serious! Within the first 5 minutes of our very first workout on Friday night, Cathe called us out by name to come up and teach a couple of moves! Jess and I about died and went to heaven in that moment – we were thrilled (and okay, a wee bit scared!) and we taught a simple hook/upper combo, but it was amazing!! So fun and I will never forget that moment!
  • Meeting Heather! That was awesome – we had a great time rooming together, laughing and sweating it out (and blogging across the room from each other! Surreal!). One random fact – she’s shorter than I thought she would be (not that I should talk, ms. 5’3′ me!).
  • Wearing our ‘I heart Cathe’ tank tops that were a huge success with the group of 8 of us wearing them proudly and getting not only a great shot with Cathe, but a group shot with the other instructors in her DVDs! Amazing (and we’re sooooo making it to the Cathe calendar again this year, I can feel it!)
  • Loving doing a bazillion jumping jacks – NOT. Wow, I never realized a) how much I hate them and b) how hard it is to jack when your calves are on fire. Why were they on fire? Step class! They always kill me. I’m literally hobbling around as we speak. But a good pain…no pain, no gain!
  • Sweating more than I have ever sweat before in spin class (which was back to back to bootcamp class). I was literally completely drenched from head to toe and had no towel and was sitting there in complete awe that I could in fact be sweating as much as I was. Can you tell I love a good adrenaline rush?!
  • By the numbers? 8 workouts – spin (our bonus class we took Fri morning before things kicked off, cuz why not!) and step/kickboxing on Friday night, step/abs, bootcamp, spin, yoga, and cardio core circuit/upper body weights on Saturday (and Zumba that night but I watched only, had no more energy left!) and lower body blast/plyo legs this morning. Total calorie burn? about 2500 calories throughout the weekend. Damn.
  • Sneaking a glass (or two!) of wine during our shower/rest break before dinner at the gym Saturday night. Seriously the wine could have been 2-buck-chuck and it would have tasted like a $50 bottle of wine. Much-needed and savored!

So, all in all, it was a fantastic weekend. I had an amazing time with everyone from last year, and meeting new friends this year. Looking back, a lot has changed in the year that I’ve been at the roadtrip, but a lot has also stayed the same, and though some of the things that have stayed the same (like still being single) felt like a bit of a downer at first, I feel good, I know my life is on the track it should be and quite frankly, I feel blessed.

Hope you enjoyed your weekends – and here are a few pics from the weekend below.

Jess and me upon our arrival Thurs night - all smiles pre-RT!

Our crew of chicks with our cute 'I Heart Cathe' tank tops that were a huge hit!

Scored a group shot with the 4 other instructors that are in Cathe's DVDs!

Group shot with Cathe and she has her hand on my arm - star moment πŸ˜‰

Pre-5-workout day (and pre-sweat)

Yay - Cathe and me!!

Jess and me sporting our super cute 'Cathelete' tshirts at brunch today.