Sometimes it truly is the little “rocks” that make me realize how blessed I am, despite all my “wants” and “wishes” for “big rocks” (which I define as huge achievements, desires achieved etc).

Some things that made me smile over the last few days?

…crisp clean air as I walked out of my house on my way to work this morning. Low humidity. Perfection. (pushing back the “wishing I wasn’t at work” wants!)

…a cute outfit on today, in my latest favorite color – kelly green. And rocking some great Naughty Monkeys.

…joy over a couple of friends getting over some tiffs and misunderstandings with their significant others (and offering a few tidbits of advice myself, along the way).

…realizing that right now, I don’t mind not having the “baggage” of a relationship (not said in a bad way at all, but sometimes I have enough of my own stresses and worries that the relationship factor might be overwhelming at this moment in time)

…watching Nala jump around and play…and bring me a toy mousy in her mouth, half-meowing with it stuffed in her jaws (so it’s a garbled mrwooow?), dropping it at my feet and looking at me saying, “play with me?” <– this was the one thing I so desperately wanted her to do again when she was ill. I was so afraid she was giving up and I’d never enjoy that moment again. This was a heart-swelling moment.

…feeling like a “runner” as I gear up for another 7-miler tomorrow morning with Steph, wish us luck and distance!

…realizing that I am achieving balance and it feels pretty damn good (even without a man in my life…and that’s a huge “little rock” for me at the moment, something we all know I waver to and fro on…a LOT).

…planning the final touches to my sister’s baby shower for August 15 – it’s going to be awesome, and I can’t wait to meet my little niece in another month and a half. I love giving and I look forward to sharing this day with my sisters and family!

…being thisclose to booking this amazing house for wine country in October – it’s going to be truly a week to remember, with a handful of wonderful friends and family. I am beyond excited.

Right now? Yeah, I’m feeling blessed. Very blessed. Despite all the bad, there’s really so much good in life right now. I feel content and on the cusp of the “next big thing.” It’s there, almost. I can feel something coming…