Okay, a forewarning – this is going to be somewhat of a rant for me – and I don’t usually rant. I realized today that I tend to censor myself from ranting much (or talking too intimately about my well, intimate relations but that’s for other reasons!) when reading NYSoonerGirl’s post ranting, where she noted she tends to censor rants too.

So…here goes (don’t worry, it’s not *that* bad)…

Whatever happened to common courtesy? Or does that merely not exist anymore? It’s one of my mega pet peeves when it comes to dating, and it’s just happened a few times to me, but really, why not be upfront and honest when you change your mind on a date?

So here’s the backstory – as my chemistry.com subscription was waning last month, I was chatting with one guy who seemed pretty cool and different – as in, normal, real, not putting on a front (from what I could tell). He loves cats, and was super concerned about Nala’s illness (this was during the thick of it) and is very driven (he’s a lawyer and was in the process of running for city council special election in Rhode Island, where he lives). We had gone back and forth pretty much daily for about two weeks and were finally figuring out a couple of days that might work for a date. The way we left it was that I was going to get back in touch after my vacation to Maine (the week of July 17) and we’d make plans.

Well, that never happened.

After July 15 ( my last email from him reiterating the above), he dropped off (and mind you, this was his personal email, not chemistry.com, so he had to see the emails, realistically). I emailed him about getting together the following weekend (he thought it could work, but he had dinner plans for his sister’s birthday) and never heard back. I did one last-ditch email basically saying, “where didja go? If you aren’t interested or just don’t have time right now, that’s totally fine, just let me know when you have a sec, either way.”

I mean, isn’t that what common courtesy is all about? Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t owe me anything nor do I expect him to “owe” me a date or something, but just tell me if you changed your mind. I am a big girl, I can take it!

Is that *not* what you’d expect when you are talking to someone and are planning to go out? Maybe it’s just me, but to me, I think if he changed his mind, he should just let me know. I would be honest with someone if I were in their shoes, and I just think it’s rude not to.

So, there you have it. My rant. From Ms. Puppies and Rainbows. A weak-ish rant, I realize, but hey, I’m new at this ranting stuff, and I guess what bugged me about this one is that I thought he was different and I let myself “look forward” to the date.

You win some, you lose some. Onward.

(is it bad that I am seriously considering going back on match.com? Wait, don’t answer that, I know what you’re going to say. I respect that, I do, and I’m not making a decision on it right away, but I am considering it. What’s the harm, right?)