As each weekend passes this summer, I realize more and more that weekends truly are moments. It’s been an amazing summer despite some ups and downs (namely, Nala) and even though it is flying by, I can count so many, many things that have made me smile this summer. And it’s no secret that many of the best moments have fallen on weekends simply because of being able to fully embrace and enjoy them.

So, here are some of the moments that I’ve captured this weekend, in Maine, and here at home.

…a relative “congratulating” my Grampa on soon-to-becoming a Great Grampa. His response? “yes, they tell me in about 7 weeks or so…” (grin on face)

…my Grampa recounting my Gram’s excitement purchasing a baby gift for Jen’s shower next weekend (which my sis and I are hurriedly in final planning stages for!) and when she wanted to buy some things that may seem a little impractical at this moment in time, he says “it’s just an infant!” (and Gram’s response…yes, and there’s always Christmas!). Insert another grin on faces…theirs and mine and Jess’s. Beautiful and fun moment!

…watching Grampa take the jetski for a little spin on the lake. Rarely see him do it, but when I do, I watch every moment. It’s the best!

…napping lakeside, book on my lap, waves lapping at the shore (funny, this moment seems to re-occur in my Maine recaps, don’t they?!)

…Nala and Kayla opting to play use-mom-as-a-runway all night on Friday night. Race across my back, over my head, under the bed and back. Meowing and growling and playing all night. As much as it kept me awake, I loved it. A month ago I couldn’t have imagined Nala having that much energy!

…feeling a baby bum and little toes – touching my sister’s belly for the first time (I know, I can’t believe I hadn’t before!) and feeling my soon-to-be-niece moving around…wow. I’m going to be an aunt so soon, I better study up πŸ˜‰

…watching Jen open some baby gifts at my dad’s today – a rare moment where everyone’s getting along with dad (believe me, it’s been touch and go the last few months even since we reunited, but that’s a story for another day!) and seeing how excited dad is about becoming a “Nonno” (grandpa in Italian). Jen’s always been ‘daddy’s girl’ and I love seeing him this way.

I hope your weekends had moments and you captured them….sometimes it’s the best to just lose yourself in the moment. Take a step back. Breathe it in.

Dad (aka soon-to-be-Nonno) and Jen

Jen, Jess and me at Dad's for mini-shower

Grampa jetskiing!

the lake shore this morning - how gorgeous...