That I love a song with my name in it?

For fear of sounding vane – since we know I clearly am not and probably border on self-depricating and/or just quite self-aware, I was listening to Ray LoMontagne Pandora channel today at work and well, damn, I just really dig the song. Check out the video, and the lyrics actually are pretty good too – one line in particular: “Still don’t know what love means”

I don’t know that I know.

Is that weird, too?

I mean, I know what love means, in terms of the definition, and I know what I want in finding love, but I don’t know what it feels like anymore, as it feels like it has been so long since I have actually fallen in love. More than 10 years in fact, since I have fallen in love. And ya know what? I can’t wait to fall, deeply fall, in love again.

I get this feeling of peace, happiness, jubilation and excitement at the prospect, and the “I want” feeling subsides just a bit, because I know when it happens, it will be amazing. Fucking amazing in fact. (there, see, I said ‘fuck!’ Are you happy now? Truly, I tend to have a mouth like a sailor sometimes so I guess it’s funny that I don’t tend to swear on my blog, but as so many of you were egging me on, I figured I’d bury one in this post to see who finds it 😉


On an aside – if you’ve ever heard the Dolly Parton or White Stripes version of “Jolene,” check out the lyrics. Damn, that Jolene is a hussy isn’t she?! Not me, though, no, not ever 😉