This weekend reminded me just how much I consider my sisters my absolute best friends in the world. They center me. They make me laugh. They support me and love me, and me to them. And I realize more and more that I am so thankful to have fostered such a bond with them, especially in recent years. I love them both so much, and they’re no doubt my best friends. And I wouldn’t have it – or want it – any other way.

Rather than recap the sister weekend that was, I’m just going to share a few moments, and some pictures from the best baby shower on the planet (of course, since Jess and I planned it so well *patting selves on the back*!)

…feeling my niece’s hiccups as Jen sat in the pedicure chair getting her feet some much-needed attention. I’ve never felt anything like it, and feeling her squirm around in there, well, it just made it feel so real. And it’s the very first time in my life where I can’t wait to cuddle with a baby, kiss their toes and hands and love them unconditionally.

…laughing hysterically as Jen opened one of the books we got her for the baby – Bearenstein Bears “Messy Room” – our all-time favorite of the Bearenstein Bears books (and an inside joke as my sister Jess absolutely adored that book most since the end showcased a perfectly spic and span bedroom after!)

…speaking of Spic and Span – that’s the ‘gag’ gift my gramp gave Jen, for “those unexpected cleanups” – complete with a tweety bird gift bag, her absolute favorite character growing up!

…the beautiful quilt given to Jen by her mother-in-law, which was started when her husband Josh was born, and never finished. It was finished now, for their first-born daughter. A really touching moment.

And now, some pictures…enjoy…it was truly a weekend to remember, spent with the gifts to my heart – my sisters, my best friends. Forever.

Sister pic! Jess, Jen and me

Cute shot with my mom, isn't it?!

Some damn good centerpieces, if I say so myself.

Beautiful - and delish - cake by Jen's sister in law, Jackie (so talented!)

Jen and her sis in law Jackie with the diaper cakes Jackie made