As I prepare to head off into my last official vacation to Maine this summer (though likely some shorter ones into September, never fear!), I want to capture every moment, and sear them into memory because Maine has been my savior this summer, that one place where I’ve let go completely and just let myself be. It’s been a mental, emotional and physical boost and given me a layer of serenity I’ve needed for some trying times this summer. And let’s face it, Maine has been ridiculously amazing, and I couldn’t feel more blessed.

So, today’s quote Friday quote:

‎”See your surroundings with fresh eyes…the best way to find yourself is to discover where you are.”

I plan to do just that (and this)- plant myself firmly and really, really, really discover where I am and what I want to do with my life. I firmly feel as though I am at the cusp of something wonderful and I want to capture that and take control of where life’s leading me. I need this vacation for that, almost more than anything.

And as Erika aptly pointed out, sometimes life just ‘gets in the way’ of seeing things and enjoying them on a daily basis, and it’s hard to break out of that with all of the daily “clutter” there is. I couldn’t agree more. Vacations are meant for recharging, seeing your life with fresh eyes and soaking it all in.

And hell, while I’m at it, I’m going to nap, read, eat, drink wine and bask in the sun lakeside (with my sister and brother in law, and also so excited to have one of my favorite couples coming up this weekend – it’s going to be epic!!). But you knew that already 😉

Have a wonderful weekend/week everyone! I’ll have a couple of posts (and guest posts) coming, and promise to be drafting my blog series on my father as well. Stay tuned…