Sarah‘s guest post comes at a perfect time, because as I (re)embark into the dating game, I too struggle with this very thing – enjoying the life that I have (and love), yet wanting to share it with a (potential) mate. So, while I embrace singledom just as Sarah does, there’s also a huge part of me that wants to fill that hole in my heart and by my side. So I completely relate to this – enjoy friends!


Sometimes I feel like I contradict myself when I blog, because I go from writing about embracing singledom to dating and relationships. I guess I figure that I may have given the impression that I’m this tough single chick who “don’t need no man!” but that’s not the case. Well, yes it is, I don’t need no man, but that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes want one.

I love being single. I love the freedom it brings me to do as I please, to focus on what I want (and need), to be where I need to be not where he needs me to be, to not have to censor myself or take anyone else into consideration. I’m enjoying being selfish right now, I’ve never been selfish before.

I also love healthy relationships. I love/hate the giggly feeling that you get when you start dating someone new. I love when you just “click” with someone and everything just flows. I love when someone adds to my life and doesn’t take away from it. I love when I don’t feel as though a relationship is a burden.

And so why do I contradict myself by saying that I love being single, then by dating? Just because I love being single doesn’t mean I wouldn’t trade that for a healthy, happy relationship that adds to my life.

I also believe that every woman should know that if she were to never find a spouse, she could do it on her own, and be satisfied. There are a lot of people in the world who never get married, and despite the rumours, they’re not all cat ladies! Some of them have chosen to be okay with the path life took them down. Some actually leave their house, some even *gasp* get DOGS!!

Sometimes life doesn’t work out exactly how we anticipated it would, and I have to believe not only for myself, but for other women, that if life took us down that path, we’d not only survive, but flourish.

I don’t need no stinkin’ man.