Hi friends! I’m back from a week upta camp, where I set out to see my surroundings with fresh eyes, and while I can’t say that I fully succeeded at that, I can say there is a sense of contentment in *not* knowing what my future holds, and being more okay with that now, than I have in the past.

I’ll post more on that in coming posts (and did write my ‘dad’ blog series, and will begin posting that soon too. Not gonna lie, a tough series to put pen to paper on, but it resulted in some interesting conclusions for me that I didn’t realize when I first started writing), but for now, a fun recap of my last ‘official’ vacation to Maine (some one-nighters planned here and there, including next weekend, at least!).

As I mentioned, a couple of friends came up for the weekend (with my sister and brother in law) and wow, we had a BLAST and a half. They came up on Saturday morning, with their boat in tow, and their dog, and we spent the day boating, tubing (okay, I just watched from the boat and took pics. Blame it on a headache), and oh, drinking 2 gallons of sangria throughout the evening (and surprisingly, no hangover in the morning that some pancakes couldn’t fix!).

“J” is one of those friends that we can just sit and read and not say too much, and that’s okay. Ya know how you have some friends like that? They are few and far in between but she’s certainly one of them, and we had fun alternating between reading on the dock in the sun, to chatting about everything from life, to what we want to do in wine country (they’re coming with us, yay!), to potentially going to Ireland between Christmas and New Year’s (how fun would that be? I am totally considering if it I can somehow find the fundage. “S” is from Ireland and he’d be a phenomenal tour guide, and I know we’d all have a blast). We capped the evening with a bonfire by the lake, which was truly amazing. The first time we’ve ever been able to do that because the water is usually too high, but it was really low, and there was sand where we could build it (oh and did I forget some potentially un-puppies and rainbows night swimming J, my sis and I partook in?! Blame the sangria…).

Fast forward the next few days.

Okay, maybe not, but the next several days, it rained. And rained. And rained some more. The most amount of rain we’ve had all summer…on our vacation. Go figure, right?

Well, to be honest, it was *almost* as fun as the weekend, as it was the excuse I needed to just sit, read, blog, and read some more. And do a lot of thinking. It was very therapeutic, and centering, and just what I needed.

Today was phenomenal. The weather was perfect, completely polar-opposite to the last four days, and we spent the day lakeside, with my Gram, and my Gramp as well. Couldn’t have asked for a better end to the week, especially spending some quality time with my grandparents and hearing stories we haven’t heard before, as we sat and watched the rain. Another one of those moments I won’t easily forget.

And now for some pictures…enjoy – and more tomorrow on my ruminations etc…XO!

Jess and Scott tubing!

Jess and me during sangria-fest!

Nala hunting down Bailey - how freakin cute is that?!

me, J, and Jess - sangria-fest!

us ladies on the jetski - so fun!