One of the things I thought a lot about is my comfort zone and how what now defines my comfort zone was completely OUT of my comfort zone when I was married. Thus, today’s Quote Friday quote:

“Courage is the power to let go of the familar.”

I think I need to embrace this even more as I close out year TWO of my post-divorce life (holy crap, has it really heading into the that long? October 2008 – bite me.) and kick it up a notch. I’ve felt a little stagnant in the “learning” and it’s something I thought a lot about in Maine, during those *lovely* three days of rainy, dreary weather. It’s somewhat cyclical for me, as I go through huge bursts of learning or ‘big rocks‘ and then level off, and then go back into a challenge, or a test (hello, Nala…or tackling Group Kick, or dating).

So – game on. I’m gonna bring it – diving back into dating, looking towards some professional shifts and making them happen, and generally, letting go of what’ become my familiar zone and building a ‘new normal.”

Suggestions on what else to tackle? Always welcome.


Happy Friday all!! I am so looking forward to enjoying the rest of my vaca. Two beach days planned, girls night this evening (INRIS! Mel and I are opening the wine!! Finally!), a cookout tomorrow with some Kick friends, and a 10 miler planned. Woo-freakin-hooo.