Wow, what an amazing finish to a fantastic week off! Literally the last three days have been filled with nothing but the beach, good friends, and relaxation. Some of the moments from this weekend are by far, in my top 10 of the summer.

A couple of moments I want to capture:

…heading to my friend Steph’s private beach on Friday for a couple of hours with our other Kick friend Jacqui. Crystal clear water, not a soul around except for us, and a glass of prosseco.

…girls night at my place on Friday, with a few of my friends, capped off with a drink at one of my fave summer bars.

…one of my best runs to date on Saturday morning, again with Steph and Jess and Scott. It was only 60 degrees at 7 am, the air was crisp, the sun was shining and my shins didn’t cramp once. Made it 10 miles in 1:52…slow to most, but my fastest as well! *pats self on back*

…Beach day #2 again at Steph’s beach, with Jess and Scott as well. Another perfect day of weather, more prosseco, capped off with an awesome cookout at their place, with a few other friends (and Steph’s cute brother Josh…hehe), a bonfire, and tiki torches. And wine. πŸ˜‰

…sleeping in a bit, eating breakfast on the patio this morning, complete silence. Much needed and enjoyed.

…beach day #3 with my friend Jess. Took awhile to find a beach with parking that hadn’t filled and damn, was it a scorcher (in the 90s today), so we only lasted a couple hours, however, it ended with a yummy ice cream twist down the street from her house. Yum, like whoa.

I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation to (somewhat) end the summer. It’s been an amazing summer and I’m totally planning my top 10 summer memories post for this week or next. And my “dad” series as well. Happy Sunday funday! πŸ™‚

Jess, Steph and me