Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating, I haven’t been on “that” many dates, but enough to know what clicks and what doesn’t, right?!

My Quote Friday is a little *less* than my usual inspirational quotes, but I figure a fun one would do this post justice given I promised a recap of my date last night!

So, first, the rundown on “Massage Boy” (don’t get the wrong idea, there were no massages involved, those with their minds in the gutter, that’s what he does on the side, along with being a retail manager). He’s 34, divorced, about 6 ft. tall, shaved head (not bare, but very short), blue-ish eyes, skinny. He’s pretty cute, but thinner than he looked in his pictures, which isn’t a big deal, but not my favorite “look” (I prefer some meat on the bones, so I don’t feel like I have more meat than them! okay even that sounds bad, maybe it’s *my* mind in the gutter?!).

We met for dinner about 15 mins from where I work, an hour away from where he lives (which is a drawback fro me, admittedly, since he’s about 1 hr 15 mins from where I live) for dinner and we had a good time, good conversation, laughter, and shared some stories of our lives. He’s got celiac (recently diagnosed), which I can only imagine sucks (I think I would cry if I could never eat anything with wheat in it again!), and a super fast metabolism so he has to eat, literally, thousands and thousands of calories a day just to not lose weight. He has a healthy relationship with his ex, which I like, because obviously I do as well, and he’s laid back, good sense of humor, touch of sarcasm, which I also like since I do too.

The drawback?

Not much in the way of chemistry.

And that could be first date jitters, perhaps, as well, on his part (though he didn’t really seem nervous), so I don’t necessarily want to judge chemistry purely on one dinner, however, in past dates when I haven’t felt chemistry early on, it hasn’t come to the surface in second or third dates (except Brainy Blonde, the one exception). He did ask for a second date, and I am mulling it over, because the date itself was good, I’d give it a “B” overall, just lacking in the chemistry department, which is important to me, as it would be for anyone.

Oh…and one more thing clouding my judgement?

My pending date with Soon-to-Be-Doctor. I am totally breaking my rule of *not* talking about dates till they happen, but I feel I must share this one detail because I think it could be impacting my decision for date #2 with Massage Boy. Just a wee bit.

See, I just already feel as though there is a lot more in common with Soon-to-Be-Doctor, and our date is next Wednesday. He’s from match.com, and is 30, divorced, a nurse practitioner currently, getting his PhD now, he shares many of the same views as me on living every moment, he’s gone on THREE solo vacation this year (impressive, since that’s one thing I wanna do and am scared to!), loves the gym in large part because it eases stress and he just loves it (um hello, me too!) etc .

So, yea, that tiny detail may have a wee bit to do with it, but I suppose time will tell. And now I am rambling…but you get the idea. So, yea, I have been on so many blind dates by now, I should know the drill. And I do, but I don’t. And sometimes that’s kinda frustrating, but it’s also the thrill of it all, right?


Happy Friday and long Labor Day weekend all!! I hope it’s fantastic. I am going to my very FIRST wedding solo tomorrow…haven’t been to one since my divorce (oddly!), and though it stinks to go dateless, I am looking forward to seeing my college roomie get married, and have my sis and bro in law going as well as some friends there, so it ought to be a blast. Beyond that, one night planned in Maine (post wedding – it’s in Portland) and beach/cookout on Monday 🙂


PS – I started a new page on my blog on favorite posts and series – check it out. Any suggestions, give me a shout 😉