As the ‘unofficial’ end to summer has rolled around, I thought I would do a ‘backwards’ bucket list since I never got around to posting my summer bucket list in the first place, and also because reviewing the summer that was makes me smile.Β  Though it wasn’t the summer I thought it was in some ways, it made up for it in others, and it’s the first summer I’ve felt that I have truly, 100% enjoyed the living shit out of summer. Yep, that’s right, enjoyed the living shit out of it….how do you like them apples?! (puppies and rainbows…puppies and rainbows!)

So, some of the moments I’ll remember most of sun-drenched days and starlit nights?

  • Bloggers in Sin City! Though this was in May, it still “counts” and was an amazing experience. I’ve met so many bloggers, I met some of my favorites (Shannon, Akirah, Erika and BB) with one of my favorites (TiWID)
  • Meeting INRIS and C!
  • The Cathe Road Trip, sweating like whoa, and meeting Heather!
  • Maine, Maine, Maine, Maine, Maine, and oh, Maine!
  • Rockclimbing! <–bucket list item!
  • Some fanfrickintastic times at the beach, most recently in particular (today was another amazing beach day with another kick friend, Jacqui. Gorgeous weather!)
  • Running, running and more running – 3 weeks til the Wicked Half. Rocked another 10 miles today and it feels so much more real now <–bucket list item!
  • Lots of cookouts, beach time, lake time and enjoying a lot of moments with friends, sisters, family and kitties.
  • Listening to the waves lap at the shore, bonfire on the lake, watching the sparking water glisten on an early morning run, and lots and lots of laughs, wine, and food. What more could a girl ask for?

Some other moments I will never forget?

  • When Nala fell ill, turned a corner, and when she finally was off her medication – she’s now over 8.5 lbs. I feel blessed.
  • A tragedy in my hometown that once again reminds me how much I love my sisters…we spent some special moments together this summer, in part, because of that, I think.
  • Feeling my soon-to-be-niece kick, and looking so forward to loving her and continuing auntie throwdown like whoa!

What’s missing from this list? Dating, for the most part. I didn’t date much this summer, though I hoped to, and I also hoped to find love and/or at least find someone worth dating or entering a relationship with, but I’ve realized you can’t rush it, it’ll come when it’s meant to, and I can hope like hell it will happen, but I know I just need to keep faith that it will, and in the process, have a little fun.

So…fall, whatdya got for me?! Beyond my niece being born, which is rightaroundthecorner, moving (next weekend) and my trip to wine country at the end of the month, the sky’s the limit and I can’t wait to enjoy the shit out of fall and winter too. Bring it!