All moved in – and it feels SOOO good. It feels so different than the first time, last September (stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on some of the a-ha moments I’ve had with this move vs. last, in more ways than one).

I’ve spent a pretty solitary day at home, (on the actual day of my divorcesary), for the first time in quite awhile and it’s actually been awesome! After my spinning class (had planned a 12 miler this morning but when I woke up, I practically fell out of bed, my calves were on fire! Tomorrow the run ensues, I hope!), I vegged around, texted a bit with Doctor Boy, hung up pictures, sat on my patio reading the latest Jack Reacher novel (my fave), 61 Hours, listening to my favorite Pandora channel (Ray LaMontagne, of course!) promptly fell asleep, made some cookies, and had a fun catch up chat with Shannon!

A good day so far, no? (oh and I talked to Doctor Boy and made date plans for tomorrow – yay!). So, without further ado – my new digs…in pictures.

my bedroom, note kitties firmly planted on the bed

my bedroom once again, and where are the kitties? firmly planted.

my bedroom, view of the gym area - fits better than I thought!


Dining area (note pics still not put up...)

Living room area

sitting area (improvised set-up as cable SHOULD be on that wall, but isn't, but I digress)


patio - so cozy!

my view sitting on the patio - bliss!