As I mentioned in my post yesterday, moving this time around vs. last year felt different in a few ways, and I guess I hadn’t realized how far I’ve actually come since then.

What ways, you ask? Let’s see…

…the power went out during my first night in my new apartment around 2 am. I noticed only as I use a fan for “white noise” (have done that ever since college and it’s a habit that has stuck. It feels “loud” without it going, oddly!) so I woke up when the fan shut off. Instantly, I froze, because my mind likes to play tricks on me (what if someone is trying to break in and they shut off the power to scare me? Because that doesn’t *only* happen in scary movies, right?!), and it felt super dark as the lights outside went out too. I was close to calling my sister or my mom out of habit…but then thought better of it, calmed myself down, and eventually went back to sleep. Of course, I also realized I don’t have any flashlights, so clearly that’s next on my list. But, for me, it felt huge to not immediately freak out (just minor freak out!), though at the same time, it was one of those moments when I was I had someone next to me in bed, but I digress.

…doing all of the bill switchovers for electric and cable myself. I know, that sounds run of the mill, right? But last year, Pete did it for me…out of habit. I asked him if he would, because I hate crap like that, but why do that? I mean, it’s my place, why rely on others – especially him – to do the “big girl” stuff I know very well how to do (remember the bombast incident?! heh.). Check.

…simply settling in, not being afraid, and loving my place…MINE. Last year, it was a whole new transition for me, moving from a house that was OURS to an apartment that was MINE, and now, I am so accustomed to it, and I truly love living alone, something I never thought I’d say. And I truly enjoyed every minute of my solitary day yesterday.

I’m sure there are others, but on a weekend where a year signifies a lot, in many ways, well, what a difference a year makes.


…and guess who has a date with Doctor Boy tonight. Meeee! Woohoo 🙂 More on that tomorrow…