…right after he kissed me, our eyes locked, he smiled (as did I) and I just knew.

This was something different, the connection was there, and it almost felt magical.


Last night’s date with Doctor Boy was absolutely amazing and I seriously had difficulty sleeping last night because it was that good.

We met up around 4 (he texted me to see what kind of Starbucks coffee I’d like – scoring major points, how thoughtful, right?) at my house, and then went into Boston for the afternoon/evening. Conversation struck immediately, and we walked around the city, starting in Boston Common, into Fanueil Hall, and eventually to dinner there, followed by a walk over to a local wine bar that was so good! He’s very attentive, and I don’t know what it is about the light touch to the back, or the shoulder, and then holding hands, but the chemistry was there, it was palpable. We came back to my house (he was dropping me off, I invited him in, but what I noticed was that he didn’t just assume he could come in, which I liked, he sort of waited for the invite. Gentlemanly?) and of course, that’s where the sparks took off.

And while I won’t go into major detail here – puppies and kittens, remember? – we did kiss…a lot…on and off between chatting and talking about getting together again. The look in his eyes, though, was what got me most, they were sparkling and happy and seemed to mirror exactly how I was feeling.

This was different. This was more. This has potential for the future.

He asked me if I was dating anyone else, and I told him no (neither is he), and he acknowledged that while it’s only been two dates, he’d like to date exclusively (whatever that means, right?), because he sees a future here. As do I…of course I do as well. I just have a feeling this is going somewhere.

He’s making me dinner on Tuesday night. Nobody has ever really made me dinner before. (He was shocked by that). I can’t wait.

He’s coming to the bar crawl my friends and I are doing – this is pretty huge…my closest friends will be there. I’m excited.

…and he even asked me if I would meet him in Aruba after wine country (he leaves the day I come home). Wow. I’m actually considering it…if I can make it happen.

It’s that moment when you just know. It’s real. Pinch me.