I’ve been following Faith, Fitness, and Fun’s Tina on her “30 Days of Reflection for Self-Love” and I must first say that she has an amazing outlook and many, if not all, of her daily posts have been completely up my alley, and I’ve loved participating!

Her post today was all about finding joy, and while I feel as though right now, I clearly have a lot of joy in the “Doctor Boy” department, finding joy when areas of your life are not going well is sometimes nearly impossible to find. But what Tina says here is so right-on:

I don’t think I need to tell you why finding joy in everyday moments of life can increase overall happiness. We all have that logic. Instead, I want to ask you to find it for yourselves today. Don’t avoid it for fear it will get in the way of to-dos. Don’t convince yourself another moment will come soon enough. Don’t hesitate on whether you deserve that moment of joy. Just take it. And walk away with a smile.

Joy is SO elusive when you have about a zillion things to do and it’s hard to see the little joys (or as I have referred to them as ‘little rocks’ of the day) sometimes. For me, today (taking a cue from my sister!)?

…my sister emailing us to let us know that her doctor feels she may have the baby tomorrow. WOOHOO!!!!


…having a kick-ass workout this morning (no pun intended…) a la Group Kick. Always ceases to amaze me how much I sweat! Sweat is happiness…sweat is…


…getting invited to go see Rascal Flatts on Sunday by Doctor Boy. Um, yeah, so sweet, right?


And finally? Gearing up for dinner with Doctor Boy tonight…more on that tomorrow, friends.

Yours truly in joy, swoonage, and yes, I have both eyes open, don’t worry,