As I mentioned in last night’s post on joy, I had a dinner date with Doctor Boy, and well, it just keeps getting better and I think I’ve had a goofy grin plastered across my place nonstop since we met. He just feels right and I’ve never felt that before, nor this strongly before. I feel blessed to have met him, truly.

So, I went over to his place, which is about 25-30 minutes from mine (refreshing to meet someone closeby for once!), around 7:30. I brought one of my favorite bottles of wine from Field Stone (my fave Sonoma wine!) and was excited to see what his place looks like and what he was making me for dinner. One of my biggest takeaways from last night is just how thoughtful, generous and caring Doctor Boy really seems.

For example…

…he texted me earlier in the day to see if I could have alfredo sauce since he knows I am lactose intolerant. I told him I could, so long as I brought my Lactaid pills with me, which I always do. His response? That’s okay, I bought some Lactaid in case you forgot yours.


…he picked up an extra toothbrush, “girlie” shampoo, in case I opted to stay over (more on that in a sec, and relax, it was PG-13 people!).


…he asks how my day is, remembers things I’ve told him days prior, and truly seems interested in my day-to-day job and overall career. Sounds relatively simple, but it’s something I haven’t really experienced before, and have always wanted it.

Really? Really.

Just a few examples (more in a sec) of how he just seems so much different, so much into and invested in this already, and that makes a huge difference to me.

So, back to dinner.

He started with an app of cheese and prociutto, then made a divine homemade tomato soup (that I am most certainly going to try to make myself!), followed by grilled chicken over linguini and alfredo sauce. Um, YUM. It was so good, and the entire time he was cooking, we were chatting, talking about our families, our divorces, our friends, and just joking around. Never a dull moment, never anything awkward, just a lot of great conversation. That means so much to me.

It just keeps getting better.

After dinner, we continued with our glasses of wine (and did I mention he had some candles around – not super cheesy or over the top – and was playing Dave Matthews quietly in the background? Nice ambiance!), and there was that moment again, when I could see the connection building, the chemistry continues to be palpable, and damn, he’s a good kisser (there, I said it, happy now?!). We shifted to the bedroom. And as things did continue to build towards the potential of ‘the next level’ (I’m not spelling it out, kids, you know exactly what I am talking about), he stopped and said “I think we should wait. Would that be okay? I care about you, and want to continue getting to know you before that happens.”

Really?! Really.

That was huge for me. I couldn’t believe he actually said it and believed it and meant it. I ended up staying the night because it was getting pretty late and well, it felt so good to cuddle and spend time with someone I am finding myself caring about pretty quickly, and I just didn’t want it to end.

This morning, he offered to make me breakfast. And though I really wanted to stay, I would have been late for work if I did. But, I did not leave super early as I was debating on doing, to get to a class at my gym. Hey, that’s huge for me!! I’ve had a continued goofy grin on my face all day long and I just know…it’s going to keep getting better.