I came across this manifesto from Life After College (fellow BISC’er!) and had to post on it because it struck me so strongly! It’s just the right mixture of reality, passion, simplicity and perspective.

If you ever have one of “those” days where nothing seems to be going your way…read this.

If you ever need a spark of enthusiasm or drive…read this.

If you ever want to smile, realize everything is going to be okay, despite the shitstorm life becomes sometimes…read this.

And, if you ever ever swooning, happy, and still on cloud 9…read this.

(as if I wasn’t transparent enough – this is my state of mind today, despite a relatively ho-hum day. Why? Because I am seeing Doctor Boy tonight…my turn to test my chops at making dinner, wish me luck!).

Life is short. Life your dream, and wear your passion.