THAT was a vacation.

Hands down the best, most memorable vacation of my life. Better than my honeymoon (and no, I don’t even say that with a bias or sarcastically. I had a wonderful honeymoon and as I’ve said before, I am glad I shared that experience with Pete, even though we are no longer married). Better than last year’s wine country experience (which I thought would be hard to do!).

I wouldn’t even know where to start with recapping the last ten days but to share a few snippets of some of my favorite moments, some stats, and some pictures. Here goes, friends:

  • I visited 27 winieries (including one I went to twice – our favorite vineyard from last year, that we are wine club members from – Field Stone Winery.) in total. 27!! My friend Jess and I got a head start on some of the others as we arrived at the ridiculously gorgeous house Saturday afternoon, while the rest trickled in Sunday (my sister and brother in law), Monday (my friend Meg) and Tuesday night (friends Jeannine and Shane).
  • A few of my favorites (if you ever get the chance to go – GO!!) – Field Stone (duh), J Winery (also a fave from last year, great brut rose champagne!), Windsor Oaks, Edmeades, Hawley, Glen Lyon and Williamson (though they were all great finds!!).
  • A hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley at sunrise on my 31st birthday. Wow. Just wow. If you ever have the chance – do it – don’t be afraid, it’s peaceful, serene, and a memory you’ll never forget.
  • About a bazillion glasses of wine – like whoa. We polished off 15 bottles of wine at night – not to mention the pour after pour after pour at the vineyards (averaging 4-5 tastings per day, anywhere from 4-8 pours!).
  • Learning to let go of routine – ack – this was difficult. And when I mean routine, I mean working out. I only worked out twice last week! It was hard to let go, way harder than I thought, but I think my body needed it after all of the half marathon training. (but needless to say, I’m back on the straight and narrow this week and no wine till Friday – THAT will be hard!).
  • Joining one wine club (Glen Lyon), bringing home one case of wine, and splitting two other cases of wine. Like whoa!

Many, many, many more memories from the last ten days and some pictures here should help as well. Thank you friends (and sister and bro in law) for a fantastic time, I’d do it all over again and again and again with you! (TWSS!)


Jess and I did a two day San Fran trip beforehand - Golden Date was awesome!




Grape-love at M. Schlumberger!



Sister shot with the grapes!



Glen Lyon had a gorgeous estate!



fake wine snobs πŸ˜‰ "nice nose on that wine!" - good impression, right?!



whee hot air balloon!! Goofy grin firmly plastered on my face!



sunrise over Napa...from the hot air balloon.