I’ve clearly had some pending milestones on my mind this week that have actually turned into some pretty thoughtful posts (it feels good to be back to blogging regularly after my trip, too!), and all of your feedback this week in particular, has been amazing, so thank you, friends and bloggy friends, it means the world to me, and is one of the many reasons why I absolutely love blogging.

My quote today for Quote Friday, ties into that milestone coming up (two years since separating from my ex) as well as in my journey towards finding someone special to share the life I’ve built for myself.

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.”

Yeah, I think my life is successful, I’ll say it. I really do. Despite some persistent money woes and desire for some new challenges (including physically. stay tuned on that, as I have some thuoghts on new fitness challenges for the winter now that the half marathon is over), I’ve come to a place in my life where the effort, persistence and patience (albeit sometimes shaky patience!) has brought me to now…the place where I’m meant to be, firmly planted.

And while it may sound a little premature to say that I’m happy to be sharing the life I’ve built with someone else, I say that as in the 5 or so weeks since I met Doctor Boy, I already feel some pretty strong feelings for him and think this weekend’s “reunion” of sorts will really make clear where this is heading. And I’m really looking forward to it. I’m ready. I’m content, no matter what. And that feels better than I ever imagined.

I also think this quote is relevant to some other people in my life, who are going through some struggles in life, with their Faith, and trusting that all that is happening is for a reason. There is no failure in struggling through some challenging times, because ultimately, I firmly believe that you do make it through better, stronger, happier, after overcoming these life challenges. It becomes glorious success.

And man, that feels good.

Happy weekend everyone, I hope you enjoy it (I know I will!)


PS – check out my new header, that’s a picture from the hot air balloon over Napa. The sun rising…breathtaking.