Like Doctor Boy. My boyfriend.


Yep, it’s officially official.




He’s utterly amazing. The way he looks at me, the way he makes me feel, the way I feel when I am with him. More than alive. Like “home.” Happy, like whoa.

Simply put, it’s life amplified when I am with him.

And even when I am not with him. I can feel him with me, I think about him often (and know he does too), and look forward to all of the things we have talked about doing together.

The fact that he came straight to my house last night, around midnight (after a late flight in, later than he initially thought) from Aruba (and no, not for *that* either, though swoonage of course took its course…), the look on his face when he walked in the door and the ginormous all-encompassing hug I was greeted with.


A beautiful thing is unfolding and amid all of the other stresses in my life right now (including my sister Jen’s ongoing recovery etc. More on that later…) and I couldn’t feel more blessed, despite it all.

This was worth waiting for…two years (almost) since my life felt like it was shattering around me. And ironically? Today, four years ago, I was on a flight to Kauai, about to get married.

Funny how life works, isn’t it?

…to be continued (stay tuned tomorrow for some very big moments from last night and this morning that I want to elaborate on separately from this post…)…